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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Answers Amile Institute

Get Certificate: Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Quiz Answers

Beyond the Leadership Council/Team, whose responsibility is it to provide resources and remove roadblocks that can hinder teams, particularly for projects which cross functional boundaries?

  • Supervisor
  • Greenbelt
  • Customer
  • Project Champion or Sponsor

If special causes assigned in the process variations, then the UCL and LCL would be recomputed without removing those outliers.

  • True
  • Maybe
  • False
  • All of the above

What was Bob Galvin’s challenge to his team?

  • 10 fold improvement in 5 years
  • 5 fold improvement in 10 years
  • 6 fold improvement before the end of the fiscal
  • 3.4 fold improvement in 1 year

What is the Probability value of the area under the curve between +1.0 and +2.0 Standard deviation units in Normal Distribution?

  • 0.3413
  • 0.4772
  • 0.1359
  • 0.8185

What is the percentage of perfection in a process operating at +/- 3 Sigma level

  • 0.9999966
  • 99.999999. %
  • 0.999767
  • 3.4 DPMO

Under Control phase, the following methods are used for documenting process changes except for:

  • Change Written Procedures and update Job Instructions
  • Share Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Piloting
  • Update Visual Aids

If you are a Team Lead encountering a positively skewed normal distribution curve for Defect Leakage Rate, then what will you conclude from the following?

  • Process is stable
  • Process is within limits
  • Process needs Corrective action over Defects
  • Process is influenced by special cause variation

Which of the following questions will be answered by identifying the Sigma Level for a process metric?

  • What is the baseline performance of a specific process prior to improvement actions
  • Whether people are provided with proper education and training on the improved process
  • What is the control plan for the process
  • A and C

If you wanted to see the data variation over time, which tool would you use?

  • Trend Chart
  • Histogram
  • Cause and Effect (Fishbone Diagram)
  • Pareto Chart

The most important use of the 5-Why routine is to:

  • Brainstorm possible solutions
  • Determine if the products is shippable
  • Describe the CTQC’s more accurately
  • Find the root cause of a problem

The Control Chart would help us to determine whether the process is

  • Stable
  • Capable
  • Correlative
  • Predictive

What percentage of data is included in +/- 1.5 Sigma

  • 0.4332
  • 0.6824
  • 0.8664
  • 0

Critical to Quality parameters are derived from

  • Voice of Customer
  • Measure of central tendency
  • Data dispersion diagrams
  • Regression analysis

Out of the following choices, which one is not a reason for piloting a solution?

  • Reduce risk
  • Assist in buy in
  • Allow for verification before implementation
  • Develop process steps for value analysis

Ratio and Interval Scale of measurements are based on ______________type of data

  • Discrete & Attribute
  • Discrete & Continuous
  • Variable & Continuous
  • Continuous & Attribute

What is the Deming Cycle?

  • PDA
  • APCA
  • PDCA

The fishbone diagram is used for which of the following?

  • To follow the movement of people in a process
  • To determine process capability
  • To categorize input variables that may be important
  • To prioritize the highest frequency problems

The Critical to Quality Characteristic definition includes which of the following?

  • Baseline Sigma Value
  • Specifications (Target and limits)
  • Control Limits
  • Both a and b

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using a median?

  • Extreme values do not affect the median as strongly as they affect Mean
  • A median can be calculated for qualitative descriptions
  • Median is easy to understand
  • Median can be calculated even for open-ended classes

In which stage of Six Sigma projects are Control (SPC) Charts used to maintain improved process performance?

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Control

They are expert statisticians and help the Black Belts in case of issues.

  • Champion
  • Project Leader
  • Black Belt
  • Master Black Belt

The Graph which helps to identify and prioritize problems to be solved

  • Pareto Chart
  • Control Chart
  • Fish Bone Graph
  • Histogram Chart

Which of the following is not a measure of central tendency?

  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode
  • None of the above

At which stage of a Six Sigma DMAIC project is a process map typically created?

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve

Which of the following is NOT a typical category for fishbone chart?

  • Person
  • Process
  • System
  • Maintenance

What is Jidoka

  • Self test method to recognize good output from bad output
  • A machine driven process that focuses on the end result
  • A creative process that focuses on reducing bad outputs
  • A high efficiecy process that expands on the good that is in you

Turn Around Time of a process measured in hours is an example of which type of measurement?

  • Attribute measurements
  • Variable measurements
  • Discrete measurements
  • Metrics

Define the Performance Improvement Model, DMAIC

  • Debate, Measurement, Analyze, Improve, Contrast
  • Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
  • Define, Mathematics, Analytical, Interesting, Concepts
  • Dictate, Measure, Analyze, Imitate, Control

The measure which helps to understand the spread of variation is called as __________

  • Quartile
  • Variance
  • CPK
  • Mode

In establishing an effective and efficient process control system, which of the following represents the best strategy for implementing control charts (SPC charts) if the goal is to chart and control the process upstream, at the point of greatest leverage and closest to the source of process variability?

  • Chart the significant process input characteristics (Xs)
  • Chart all measurable process characteristics
  • Chart the error rate of the process
  • Chart process equipment checklist results

Which of the following Six Sigma tool qualifies Voice of Customer:

  • Kano Model
  • Control charts
  • Regression analysis
  • Value stream mapping

Which of the following represents the most important reason to understand the voice of the customer?

  • To determine customer requirements and specifications
  • To calculate project ROI (return on investment)
  • To quantify the relationship between key process inputs
  • To estimate the cost of returns

In Control chart interpretations, how many business rules (Shewart Rule’s) will be used to interpret for stable process.

  • 7 Rules
  • 11 Rules
  • 3 Rules
  • Just one – Shewart Rule

Which of the following is the most useful graphical tool for demonstrating data distribution?

  • Process Map
  • Histogram
  • Pareto Chart
  • Cause and Effect Diagram

Which of the following tools is used to prioritize categories based on relative frequency of occurrence in the search for a root cause or key variable?

  • Affinity Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Cost analysis
  • Process Flow chart

Following have been exponents of Quality evolution except:

  • Juran
  • Philip Crossby
  • Wockhardt
  • Deming

Which of the following is an example of a continuous data?

  • Short and Tall
  • Good and Bad
  • Average Handle Time (in sec.)
  • Likert Scale 1 – 10

Kano Model depicts the following from the customer, EXCEPT

  • Delighters
  • Satisfiers
  • Must-Be
  • Objections

Which is the main focus of Statistical Process control?

  • Identification of special cause variation
  • Prioritization of vital causes
  • Identification of failure modes
  • Identification of defects per unit over a period of time

If the sample value of sub group size is n=1, choose the appropriate type of control chart for outlier analysis.

  • P Chart
  • I-mR Chart
  • C Chart
  • nP Chart

In your project, Review effort (hrs, X) and defect rate (no. of defects per hour, Y) show a negative correlation. It means :

  • As Defect rate increases, Review effort also increases
  • Negative correlation does not infer any relationship between Review effort and defect Factors
  • As Defect Rate decreases, Review effort also decreases
  • As Defect Rate increases, Review Effort Hrs decreases

Which of these steps is NOT involved in prioritizing and selecting a solution?

  • Establishing rating criteria
  • Weight the criteria
  • Establish criteria rating descriptions
  • Determine the Sigma Level of the process

Of all the factors that bear upon the success of a Six Sigma initiative, which of the following is likely the most important?

  • Strict adherence to the DMAIC framework
  • A successful completion of hypothesis testing
  • Accurately assessed process capability studies, with appropriately set tolerances
  • Sustained, effective leadership

A process has its CPk value less than 1. The process is __________ .

  • Stable
  • Capable
  • Not Capable
  • None of the above

Which of the following tools helps us to understand the spread and shape of a distribution of process data?

  • Pareto Chart
  • Control Chart
  • Trend Chart
  • Histogram

An improvement team is working with a delivery process to reduce the number of late deliveries. Which tool would be the best choice if the team intends to examine the variation exhibited by the current process over a period of time?

  • Run Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Control Chart
  • SIPOC Map

Six sigma focused on metrics at the cost of common sense

  • 100% true
  • 99.99966% true
  • 47.33% false
  • 100% false

The contents of the high-level process map include:

  • Customer, Outputs, Process Steps, Cost, Supplier
  • Customer, Outputs, Process Steps, Inputs, Suppliers
  • Schedule factors, Outputs, Process Steps, Inputs, Suppliers
  • Boundaries of process steps

They set very clear scope for all Six Sigma projects. They are responsible for approving any changes to the scope of the project.

  • Champion
  • Project Leader
  • Black Belt
  • Master Black Belt

Quality and the Critical-to-Quality (CTQs) are both subjective terms that are defined by the _______________.

  • Management team
  • Line Supervisor
  • Customer
  • Design team

Which of the following choices best represents the purpose of a process map?

  • Identify waste and prioritize projects
  • To create a histogram
  • To baseline the process performance
  • To prioritize solutions

The area under the curve value is 1, then the mean, median and mode values would be same

  • True

Which of the following is a tool that is used to identify the vital few areas that need improvement?

  • Pareto Chart
  • Trend chart or Run chart
  • Value added flow chart

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