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Power BI Essential Training LinkedIn Learning Quiz/Exam Answers

Answer: 60

Answer: Unmark it on Favorites list.

Answer: can include funnel charts, tree maps, geospatial maps and a variety of different visualizations

Answer: AppSource

Answer: by storing their file in the cloud

Answer: by clicking “View Dataset”

Answer: delete the reports and dashboards

Answer: Get the data into Excel, a CSV or Power BI desktop model.

Answer: A,C

Answer: Select the visualization then click on the Table visualization

Answer: geospatial data (latitude, longitude)

Answer: Click at the top of the column.

Answer: Take visualizations from reports and pin them as tiles.

Answer: Different visualizations will have different formatting options available.

Answer: A, C

Answer: when you save the report

Answer: report creator/owner

Answer: Turn off Editing Interactions.

Answer: the current page

Answer: printable and exportable by users

Answer: Create a phone view for the dashboard.

Answer: B, C, D

Answer: A, B, D

Answer: after they’ve pinned a tile to the dashboard

Answer: immediately upon opening Power BI

Answer: A, C, D

Answer: Set alerts.

Answer: editing permissions to that dashboard/report

Answer: Pin it to their dashboard.

Answer: A new workspace does not automatically generate an Office 365 group.

Answer: viewers, contributors, members, admins

Answer: a Power BI Pro license

Answer: OneDrive Business

Answer: A

Answer: a link that can be sent in email, and an HTML link that can be pasted into a blog or website

Answer: Some items, like Arc GIS visualizations, cannot be published

Answer: Go to their workspace, click the Share button and choose Access.

Answer: Remove a tile from a dashboard.

Answer: Power BI app for Windows 10

Answer: all workspaces

Answer: mobile devices, smartphones, tablets

Answer: Reports and dashboards

Answer: Power BI Desktop

Answer: B

Answer: Reports started in Power BI Desktop are “portable” and can be worked on in Power BI Service.

Answer: all of the data in a dataset

Answer: Hide rows with null values.

Answer: A, D

Power BI Essential Training LinkedIn Learning Final Quiz/Exam Answers

Answer: Create a dashboard using appropriate visualizations from all of the reports.

Answer: Grab the visualization handle then drag until the desired size is reached.

Answer: 1 GB

Answer: Contributors

Answer: the theme from dashboard A

Answer: Not all visualization styles (including many custom visualizations) can be successfully printed/exported.

Answer: They are based on the same data set. 

Answer: the underlying rows of data

Answer: A dashboard is a single page and supports natural language queries; a report can be many pages and does not support natural language queries.

Answer: CSV files are strictly data, Excel workbooks can contain multiple worksheets and additional items like titles.

Answer: on the next scheduled update

Answer: a data set

Answer: A, B

Answer: It will return to the report level filter or page level filters that the creator or owner applied when creating the report.

Answer: A user can connect to more types of data using Power BI Desktop.

Answer: It makes it easier to filter the report visualizations.

Answer: Obtain and use a trial version of Office 365, which will have as its extension, and then proceed to sign up for Power BI.

Answer: Select which visual they’d like to remove under the “Delete a Visual” dropdown.

Answer: Align the code within the frame of the scanner display.

Answer: Quick Response Code

Answer: Tiles

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