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Operations, Visibility, and Troubleshooting Day 2 Operations Quiz Answers

Aviatrix Certified Engineer – Multi-Cloud Network Associate Free Course with Certificate

Question: True or false: Aviatrix is a multi-cloud Terraform provider.
Answer: True

Question: True or false: Aviatrix can not provide packet captures of live traffic.
Answer: False

Question: True or false: The VPC tracker is only available for AWS.
Answer: False

Question: What does Aviatrix use for Controller HA in AWS?
Answer: All of the above

Question: How does Flight Path help users troubleshoot connectivity problems?
Answer: Provides a visual walk-through based on source and destination to highlight path issues

Question: What are some operational challenges that customers face in the cloud?
Answer: All of the above

Question: True or false: The Aviatrix controller can perform auditing of routing constructs. This ensures that no new routes have been added, that can affect end to end network correctness.
Answer: True

Question: True or false: Common troubleshooting tasks like ping and traceroute can be run from any Aviatrix gateway.
Answer: True

Question: What happens when the Aviatrix components require upgrades?
Answer: Ugrades are hitless

Question: Which of the following statements is true?
Answer: Customers can spin up a single controller and on-board multiple cloud accounts for management

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