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Operations, Visibility, and Troubleshooting CoPilot Demo Quiz Answers

Aviatrix Certified Engineer – Multi-Cloud Network Associate Free Course with Certificate

Question: True or false: CoPilot must be deployed per cloud to gain visibility across your multi-cloud network.
Answer: False

Question: CoPilot topology can provide:
Answer: All of the above

Question: True or false: CoPilot doesn’t provide any geolocation features for data traffic.
Answer: False

Question: Aviatrix FlowIQ provides:
Answer: Netflow data across the multi-cloud network for all traffic seen by gateways

Question: True or false: Flow IQ will provide summarization of netflow data but for specific records we must perform tasks on the gateways.
Answer: True

Question: What is Aviatrix CoPilot?
Answer: Provides intelligent visibility into cloud networks through dynamic topology, netflow, troubleshooting and more

Question: True or false: CoPilot allows for custom filters to limit data to defined resources, applications, and flows.
Answer: True

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