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Network Security Specialist – Virus Attacks and How to Defend Quiz Answers

Question: What is the most common method of virus propagation?

  • On infected floppy disks
  • On infected CDs
  • Through instant messaging attachments
  • Through e-mail attachments

Question: What is heuristic scanning?

  • Scanning using a rules-based approach
  • Scanning based on a virus definition file
  • Scanning only system management areas (registry, boot sector, etc.)
  • Scheduled scanning

Question: What malicious activity did the Rombertik virus attempt?

  • It overwrote the master boot record
  • It tried to overwrite parts of virus scanners
  • It tried to overwrite key system files
  • It sent out information about the infected computer

Question: In the event of a virus infection, the first priority is to contact the IT department.

  • True
  • False

Question: In the context of viruses what is a .dat file?

  • A file containing system information
  • A file that is infected
  • A file with corrupt data
  • A file with virus definitions

Question: What is active code scanning?

  • Scanning that is occurring all the time (i.e., actively)
  • Scanning for active web elements (scripts, ActiveX, and so on)
  • Actively scanning for malicious code
  • Actively scanning for worms

Question: The first known ransomware was the 1995 PC Trojan

  • True
  • False

Question: Which of the following should be the least important consideration when purchasing antivirus software?

  • The type of scanning the software uses
  • How quickly the software updates in response to new viruses
  • How easy it is to configure and use
  • Cost of the software

Question: Which of the below are famous Trojan Horses? (Choose two)

  • Netbus
  • Shodan
  • Censys
  • FinFisher

Question: The unfortunate side effect of heuristic scanning is that it can easily lead to false positives

  • True
  • False

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