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    Nasscom Product Conclave 2021

    India’s product and startup sector is rapidly innovating for this new normal with SaaS, DeepTech, Healthtech, Edtech, Fintech and Future of Work and more emerging as resilient fast-growing segments. Digitalization is now a table-stakes requirement. Indian product innovators are helping customers leapfrog and reimagine their businesses build new customer experiences and achieve success immersed within this new hyper virtual world.

    The 2021 run of the NASSCOM Product Conclave is focused on reimagining everything – how they think, live, work, collaborate and innovate. The 17th NPC will include 35+ hours of content, uniquely curated summits, networking and 1:1 connect sessions with the leading leaders in the world of innovative technological developments.

    Date: 11th – 13th January 2021

    Summit Topics :

    • Work 2.0
    • IOT hardware and devices
    • Fintech
    • Healthtech
    • Bharat
    • Product Management

    Agenda and Workflow of Summits:

    Monday, January 11

    11:30am IST
    Master Class- Unlock Industry 4.0 with SAP IoT in the cloud and at the EDGE
    Arun Venkatesh • PVN Pavankumar

    1:00pm IST
    Enterprise CXO Connect
    Investor Connect Session

    2:00pm IST

    3:00pm IST
    Experience all the action at NPC 2021
    Atul Batra

    3:05pm IST
    Reimagine Next: From surviving to thriving
    Debjani Ghosh

    3:15pm IST
    Rewriting the Product Playbook for India
    Sridhar Vembu

    3:40pm IST
    Reimagine Compute
    Thomas P. Lantzsch

    4:00pm IST
    Future of the Classroom: Edtech in the post Covid world
    Divya Gokulnath

    4:20pm IST
    Its all about Collaboration – Redefining Work and Workplace
    Oliver Steil

    4:40pm IST
    Lessons from a Silicon Valley Icon
    M.R. Rangaswami • Aneel Bhusri

    5:00pm IST
    Welcome Note – Work 2.0 Summit
    Srikanth Chunduri
    Opening Note for IoT, Hardware & Devices Summit
    Rakesh Agarwal

    5:03pm IST
    Work 2.0- The Paradigm Shift
    Anant Maheshwari

    5:05pm IST
    5G: Fundamental shift from 4G to 5G network
    Randeep Singh Sekhon

    5:15pm IST
    Digital Decade – Transform or Perish
    Ramkumar Narayanan • Ashish Vikram • Rishi Srivastava • Dilip Khandelwal • Hari Vasudev • Dr. Sathish Rath • Jaspreet Bindra • Nitin Jayakrishnan • Namrita Mahindro
    Productify India – A skilling movement to transform India into a Product Nation #IndiaProductified #50KPM
    Shalini Sankarshana

    5:20pm IST
    5G Opportunities & Challenges
    Utkarsh Rai • Dr Kumar N. Sivarajan • Anindya Saha • Amrita Gangotra

    5:30pm IST
    Crafting an outstanding career journey from Student to Product Manager
    Inventors I Scalers I Enablers – The disruptive impact of DeepTech
    Sankalp Saxena • Ganesh Subramanian • Rathnaprabha Manickavachagam • Shrinivas G N • Abidali Neemuchwala • Manish Singhal • Jeyandran Venugopal

    5:32pm IST
    Kaleidoscope – Converging CXO roles and responsibilities in the New Normal
    Viswanathan Iyer • Abhijit Mazumder • Chandi H Dharmaratne

    5:55pm IST
    The 5G Edge: Revolutionizing IOT Applications
    Rajesh Gadiyar

    6:04pm IST
    Voices from the offline + O2O world
    Srikanth Chunduri • Zaved Akhtar • Sujith Nair • Ramesh Bhaskar

    6:10pm IST
    Startups Showcase

    6:12pm IST
    Connecting dots from ideation to installation – Overcoming challenges in large scale roll out of connected devices
    Vinay M K • Ramesh Kannan • Ankit Mehta • Gireesh Rajendran

    6:32pm IST
    The Road Ahead – Investors’ perspective
    Dr. Srikanth Sundarajan • Padmaja Ruparel • Mohan Kumar • Rajiv Menon

    6:52pm IST
    Startup Showcase 2

    6:54pm IST
    Closing Note
    Rakesh Agarwal

    7:00pm IST
    What’s Next for Cloud? Driving Digital Transformation in 2021
    Thomas Kurian

    7:30pm IST
    Leading with Tech: Reimagining the Retail Industry
    Suresh Kumar

    8:00pm IST
    The Importance of Product Leadership
    Sindhu Gangadharan • Marty Cagan

    Tuesday, January 12

    11:00am IST
    Masterclass- Efficient AI at the Edge with Intel Technologies

    1:00pm IST
    Connect Session- Enterprise CXO Connect
    Investor Connect Session

    2:00pm IST
    Product Showcase

    3:00pm IST
    Day 2 at NPC 2021: Its getting even more exciting
    Arun Seth

    3:05pm IST
    The game changers for 2021
    PK Gulati • Mohit Bhatnagar

    3:30pm IST
    Transforming Customer Experiences: Adobe’s Journey and Learnings
    Atul Batra • Anil Chakravarthy

    4:00pm IST
    Reimagining leadership in an uncertain world
    Ramkumar Narayanan • Arundhati Bhattacharya

    4:25pm IST
    Getting to Unicorn – the sweat and luck
    Arun Seth • Naveen Tewari • Shashank Kumar

    5:00pm IST
    Welcome to HealthTech Summit
    Raghuram Janapareddy
    Opening Note -Fintech Summit
    Jaya Vaidhyanathan

    5:05pm IST
    Sustainable Development Goals : Driving Digital Healthcare Agenda
    Dr. Soumya Swaminathan
    What next in FinTech and How? – A Fireside Chat
    Rakesh Agarwal • Nitin Kamath • Dilip Venkatachari

    5:15pm IST
    Corporate Outlaws
    Pari Natarajan • Sarajit Jaha • Prateek Pashine • Vijay Ratnaparkhe • Atul Jalan • Dipu KV
    How has Global GTM from India evolved during the pandemic

    5:20pm IST
    Changing Healthcare Landscape – The Role of Health Tech Product Companies
    Manoj Kapoor • Dr. Ramesh Byrapuneni • Dr. Ramanathan Sethuraman • Dr. Gurushankar • Dr. Marcus Ranney

    5:25pm IST
    Reimagine the FinTech Ecosystem
    Shalini Sankarshana • Radhika Gupta • Amit Kalra • Smita Bhagat

    5:30pm IST
    Retail Darwinism on Steroids – Survival of the fittest or fastest? Or the smartest?
    Kaustubh Patekar
    No-Low-Smart Code Software Productivity
    Narendra Bhandari • Sandeep Jayaprasad Alur • Rishabh Gaur • Suresh Sambandam • Dave Garrett

    6:00pm IST
    The next Gen Technologies in Healthcare
    Ritesh Talapatra • Reenita Das

    6:05pm IST
    Building Global Fintech Systems
    Sachin Kulkarni • Rahul Chari • Dipak Sahoo • Srikanth Raju

    6:30pm IST
    Managing Stress & Anxiety in New Normal
    Ramakant Vempati

    6:35pm IST
    Health & Care from an Individual’s point of view
    Kiran KalaKuntla
    Can the data ecosystem keep up with innovators’ ambitions?
    VR Govindarajan

    6:40pm IST
    A new Dimension in Cancer Pathology
    Dinesh Koka

    6:45pm IST
    Can India become a Global Digital Health Leader?
    Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy
    NASSCOM India Fintech Awards – Winners Announcement
    Kritika Murugesan • Pramo Selvaratnam

    6:55pm IST
    Summit Summary and Vote of Thanks
    Raghuram Janapareddy

    7:00pm IST
    Scaling a cyber security startup
    M.R. Rangaswami • Jay Chaudhary

    7:20pm IST
    Reimagining the enterprise
    Raghu Raghuram

    8:00pm IST
    Building the Next Disruptive Startup
    Bhaskar Pramanik • Scott McNealy

    Wednesday, January 13

    1:00pm IST
    Enterprise CXO Connect

    2:00pm IST
    Product Showcase

    3:05pm IST
    Accelerating the breakthroughs of tomorrow
    Debjani Ghosh • Kirthiga Reddy

    3:35pm IST
    Turning disruption into opportunity: Incumbent playbook
    Rakesh Agarwal • Srini Krish

    3:55pm IST
    Don’t waste a crisis- Ride the digital storm
    PK Gulati • Meena Ganesh

    4:20pm IST
    The rapid rise of the platform economy and what this means for you
    Ujwal Tickoo • Sangeet Paul Choudary

    5:00pm IST
    Opening Note- Product Management Summit
    Kaustubh Patekar
    Nipun Mehrotra

    5:05pm IST
    Evolving and Evangelising as a Product Leader
    Rakesh Agarwal • Ravindra Prabhala • Lalitha Ramani • Srivatsan Chari

    5:15pm IST
    Fostering Women Entrepreneurship
    Kritika Murugesan • Shobana U • Sanskriti Dawle
    Transformers: From Global services to Global SaaS – change yourself before you change the business

    5:16pm IST
    Driving Mass Entrepreneurship and Employment: Skills and Opportunities
    Nipun Mehrotra • Pradnya Godbole • Srinivas Rao M

    5:30pm IST
    Crafting an outstanding career journey from Student to Product Engineer & Data Scientist

    5:50pm IST
    The what and why of Continous Discovery?
    Rakesh Agarwal • Teresa Torres

    6:07pm IST
    Bharat Hub – [The How]
    Ravi Bhushan Gupta • Aneesh Chaudhry

    6:20pm IST
    Two Perspectives on Product Growth & Scaling
    Kaustubh Patekar • Manoj Apte • Michal Russ

    6:50pm IST
    Closing Note- Product Management Summit
    Ujwal Tickoo

    7:05pm IST
    Reimagining the Network
    Jagdish Mitra • Scott Harrell

    7:25pm IST
    What’s next? The serial entrepreneur bug
    M.R. Rangaswami • Dheeraj Pandey

    7:45pm IST
    The Science of Enterprise Software Sales
    Jyoti Bansal

    Also you will get Opportunity For Networking :

    • Meet India’s top digital CXOs from across verticals
    • Connect with IT Services and system integrators
    • Meet India’s leading investors to explore funding opportunities
    • Gain insights from fellow entrepreneurs and industry mentors
    • Share your technology innovation with Peers and colleagues
    • Industry – Academia Connect


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