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Microsoft Free Certificate | Microsoft Minecraft Hour of Code: Facilitator Training 2020 Quiz Answers

Description of course

Minecraft once again joined up with to create an immersive hour of code inside of Minecraft: Education Edition. This course provides resources and information about the Minecraft: Education Edition Hour of Code 2020 to help educators run an effective Hour of Code with their students.  


Essential question

What is Hour of Code (HOC) and what are the benefits of bringing an HOC to my students? 

Course objectives

Participants will….   

  • Learn what the Minecraft: Education Edition Hour of Code 2020 is.  
  • Learn how to run a Hour of Code in their classroom.  
  • Learn where to find the Minecraft: Education Edition Hour of Code 2020 resources.  

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Course structure

Read:  Build your knowledge. 

Watch: Use the videos as a tool for learning to follow along with the presenter on your device. 

Do: Practice your skills. 

Reflect:  Activate and deepen your understanding of the learning presented within the course. 

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Microsoft Minecraft Hour of Code: Facilitator Training 2020 Quiz Answers:

Question 1 : True or False: You need a Minecraft: Education Edition license to play Hour of Code?

  • Ture
  • False

Question 2 : What devices will run the Minecraft: Education Edition Hour of Code 2020 (mark all that apply)?

  • PC
  • iPad
  • Chromebook
  • Mac

Question 3 : True or False: You do need an Internet connection to play the Minecraft: Hour of Code 2020?

  • Ture
  • False

Question 4 : Before you run the Hour of Code, it is best practice to do what? (Choose all that apply.)

  • Watch the overview of the lesson.
  • Nothing. The lesson will run itself.
  • Read through the Educator guide.
  • Make sure you have installed Minecraft: Education Edition on all devices.

Question 5: During the Hour of Code, students may get frustrated. How should you respond.

  • Let them quit and do something else.
  • Tell them: “Learning to code is like learning a new language; you won’t be fluent right away.”
  • Give them the answers.
  • Tell them: “Coding isn’t for everyone.

Question 6 : True of False: Hour of Code is only available during Computer Science Education Week.

  • True
  • False

Question 7 : After the Hour of Code you should do which of the following (select all that apply):

  • Celebrate the students’ accomplishments
  • Post on social media with #HourOFCode and @codeorg tags
  • Show students where they can go to do more coding.
  • All of the above

Question 8: What is Minecraft: Education Edition Hour of Code 2020 is titled?

  • A Minecraft Tale of Two Villages
  • AI for Good
  • Aquatic Voyage

Question 9 :What website can you go to find more Minecraft coding lessons?


Question 10 : True of False: Minecraft: Education Edition has over 150 hours of coding curriculum available?

  • True
  • False

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