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    AI and machine learning are no longer the technology of the future: they’re forever ingrained in every industry. But algorithms are only as good as their data, making Feature Engineering essential. We’ve launched a new Feature Engineering course that will provide an opportunity to work hands-on through a complete feature development process, including:

    • Discover which features in a dataset are likely to be the most useful
    • Learn to create the the right kind of features for your particular model
    • Assess whether new features help or harm performance

    In the new course, you’ll learn a variety of feature engineering techniques to improve your own machine learning projects

    1 ) What Is Feature Engineering
    Learn the steps and principles of creating better features
    2 ) Mutual Information
    Locate features with the most potential.
    3 ) Creating Features
    Transform features with Pandas to suit your model.
    4 ) Clustering With K-Means
    Untangle complex spatial relationships with cluster labels.
    5 ) Principal Component Analysis
    Discover new features by analyzing variation.
    6 ) Target Encoding
    Boost any categorical feature with this powerful technique.

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