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Free Cyber Security Awareness Programme by Nielit | NIELIT Short Term Courses

NIELIT’s free Cyber Security Certification Course Programme is like a GPS for navigating the digital landscape. This comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and tools to Identify cyber threats.

Eligibility Criteria of FREE Cyber Security Certification Course :

This free programme is ideal for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise or age. Students, professionals, parents, seniors – everyone who uses the internet can benefit from the valuable knowledge and skills it offers.

Course content :

  • Cyber Security- Introduction, Internet Ethics, Ethical Behavior of Student/Teachers, Common Attacks
  • Common Threats And Attacks – Identity Theft, Psychological Tricks, Social Media Frauds, Mobile Application Frauds, Online Banking Frauds, Virus Attack on Personal Computer, Incident Reporting.
  • Social Engineering Scams and Threats- Password Threats, KYC Frauds , eMail Threats and Tips, Online Trolling, Doxxing, Instant Messaging Threats, QR Code Scams, Social Engineering, Good and Strong Password, Fake Profiles
  • Social Networking concept and Security-Social Networking, Safe and Proper use of Social networks, Flagging and reporting of inappropriate content, Facebook Security,Whatsapp Security.
  • Frauds &E-Payment Security – E-Payment Frauds, ATM Fraud, Internet banking frauds, Mobile Money Transfer and E-Wallet Frauds, UPI app payment fraud, How to Stay Safe

Course Fee :

Candidates do not have to pay any fees for registering in this course.

Benefits of free Cyber Security Certification Course :

The best part? NIELIT’s Cyber Security Certification Course Awareness Programme is completely free! You can easily register online through the NIELIT portal or visit your nearest NIELIT center for further information. The program is flexible, offering online modules, webinars, and even in-person sessions at select locations.

How to Apply?

Visit the Registration portal and click on apply button for this programme


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