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Financial Edge Training Free Online Courses With Certification

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Founded by industry veterans, Financial Edge’s vision is to develop top-tier technology in the context of learning. Our faculty, tech and client team have decades of accumulated experience delivering the most demanding training programs around the world. Driven by innovation and technical expertise, we love working closely with our partners to implement tailored training solutions.

Course 1: Getting Started with Power BI

Financial Edge Training Free Online Courses With Certification

Course 2: Equity to Enterprise Value Bridge

Course 3:  Excel Efficiency Essentials

Course 4: Financial Accounting Review

Getting Started with Power BI Exam Answers – Financial Edge

Question: You have an Excel workbook containing several worksheets for PowerBI. How do you get the data into Power BI?

  • Create a Direct Link in Power BI
  • Copy and paste all the data from Excel to Power BI
  • Use the Get Data feature to import the data into Power BI
  • Save the file as a CSV file and connect to CSV in Power BI

Question: You have created a report in Power BI using an Excel file. The Excel file has recently been updated. Which of the following is a TRUE Statement?

  • Refresh the data in Power BI to update the visuals
  • All visuals in the Power BI report will update automatically
  • You will have to recreate any visuals using that data in order to get updates
  • You will have to import the data once more in order to get the updates

Question: You have an Excel workbook with 12 worksheets. You are creating a Power BI Report which requires data from 4 of those worksheets. What should you do?

  • Create 1 Power BI Report and load all 4 worksheets into the the report
  • Create 1 Power BI Report but you will have to load all 12 worksheets
  • Copy the data in Excel so it is all in the same worksheet and load that into the Power BI Report
  • Create 4 separate Power BI Reports and load a worksheet into each one

Question: You are creating a Power BI Report and need data from an Excel worksheet, a table on SQL Server and a CSV file. What should you do?

  • Connect to each data source in turn and load the 3 tables into your Power BI Report
  • Create 3 separate reports – each one connecting to one of the data sources
  • Download the SQL Data and import it into the Excel workbook as well as the CSV data. Then you can connect to the Excel file
  • Connect to the Excel and CSV file and load into the report. Create a second report for the SQL Data

Question: How can data be refreshed in Power BI?

  • Data does not need refreshed – it updates in Power BI automatically
  • Scheduled only
  • Ad Hoc or on a schedule
  • Ad Hoc only

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