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Instagram Latest Update: Hiding Likes? Dark Mode Enabled.

Will you miss the Insta ‘likes’ or do you wish the Insta ‘likes’ to go away? What’s your story?

Instagram app is one of the most popular social networks on which a user can share photos and videos. In 2018, Instagram had already reached 100 billion monthly active users. In April, 2019, USA stood at first place with 110 million users and India at third place with 69 million users.

On the positive side, a ‘like’ on an Instagram post:-

1. Provides direct gratification in spite of not having any personal contact with the people who have liked the post.

2. Boosts self-esteem.

3. Increases your popularity even though you may, really be a loner.

4. Provides a means to earn money for an Influencer who endorses the product/service

On the downside, a ‘like’ on an Instagram post:-

1. Puts pressure on users since the user feels judged by the number of likes he/she receives.

2. Creates low self-esteem and inadequacy, often self-judging oneself with Insta “likes’ being the benchmark.

3. Leads to online bullying. Recent research has proven the

so-called much ‘liked’ insta users bully the not-so ‘liked’ users.

4. Makes one stay ‘online’ with virtual friends instead of face-to-face social interaction.

5. The greed to know how many ‘likes’ your post has garnered, makes you look into your phone more often, distracting you from your work.

A few days back, I was applying for a gig as a freelance content writer. I was astonished, that the company was not interested to talk about my work but more about my followers on social media. Was that a thumbs up or a slap on my face, I couldn’t tell then, until I began to analyze my image on social media.

To begin with, let me tell you, I am one of those who are surrounded by family and friends far more in numbers than what appears on my Instagram or Facebook page. There are relationships that have strengthened over the years, there are friendships that have survived the test of time and there are those whom I call my very own. All existing in the real world!

So if Instagram has recently started hiding the number of likes on posts in Australia and Japan, and proposing to do so in India soon, I am all for it. Though Instagrammers will be able to view the number of likes their own posts receive, the others will only be able to see a user name “and others” below the post. Instagrammers who are trending will miss being in the limelight but a lot many will be spared the pressure of falsehood and charade to lead in the number game.

Conclusion:Instagram has launched this initiative to minimize the stress of posting online with users competing over the number of ‘likes’ their posts receive. Recent research findings have shown, how the number of ‘likes’ on social media is affecting the mental health of teenagers. Let’s teach them to live in the real world, communicate real emotions, love real persons and lead real balanced lives!

Thank you, Instagram towards the first step in this direction.

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