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ICT in Teaching and Learning Free Certification course by NITTTR, Bhopal – Register by 28th Feb

ICT in Teaching and Learning Free Certification Course by NITTTR, Bhopal – Register by 28th Feb

Duration:4 weeks
Start Date:31 Jan 2022
End Date:31 Mar 2022
Exam Date:
Enrollment Ends:28 Feb 2022

This course on ‘ICT in Teaching and Learning’ shall enable the teachers’ to select and integrate ethically appropriate ICT pedagogy in teaching-Learning processes in Teacher and Learner Directed Learning environment. Explore the emerging trends in Open Educational Resources (OER), Learning Management System (LMS) platforms for developing Small Private Open Learning (SPOCs) and Massive Open Online Learning Courses (MOOCs), aspects of Mobile learning. Most importantly the teachers’ shall – fortify the ethical-intellectual property rights, copyright handling, legal, security and software related issues in using ICT.

This course is aimed at building the capacity of aspiring teachers and in-service teachers like you, for transforming the educational culture and teaching-learning system of Institution.

Course Layout:

Module – 1: Emerging Views of Learning Process for ICT Enabled Learning, Emerging Trends of ICT Enabled Teaching and Learning, Roles and Functions of E-Tutor in Online Teaching and Learning, Benefits of ICT in Teaching-Learning activities and Educational Management (Week-1 & Week-2)
Module – 2:  Pedagogical integration of appropriate emerging ICT strategy in Teacher-Directed Learning (TDL) situation, Techniques for various learning Mode, Integration of Open Educational Resources, Virtual Lab, Video Tutorial & Interactive Video Tutorial, Virtual Reality in Teaching and Learning, Integration of Open Educational Resources for Research, Integration of Individualized learning with portable storage devices, Blended and Flipped Learning in teaching and Learning, Integration of SPOC, MOOC, and M-Learning in Teaching and Learning (Week-2 to Week-4)
Module- 3:  Ethical- Intellectual Property Right and Legal Issues in using ICT, Security & Software related Issues in using ICT (Week-4)


  • Internal assignment score= 30%, The average of best 3 assignments out of the total assignments given in the course.
  • Exam score= 70% of the proctored exam score out of 100.
  • Final score= Average assignment score + Exam score.
  • You will be eligible for a certificate only if average assignment score >=10/30 and exam score >= 30/70.
  • Certificate will have your name, photograph, roll number and the percentage of score in the final exam. It will have the logos of MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), SWAYAM and NITTTR. 
  • Only the e-certificate will be made available. Hard copies will not be dispatched.

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