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IBM Free Certification on Artificial Intelligence Powered by ISTE and OPen Ptech

What is Open Ptech?

Open P-TECH is a great way to jump-start your career exploration with industry-relevant learning created to keep your attention and motivate you to want to learn more. Plus, you will have free access to digital badges from IBM and other partners that can boost your LinkedIn profile or resume to help you get that first meaningful job opportunity. 

Digital badges are a great way to show potential employers that you’ve taken extra steps to be informed about your particular area of interest, and have baseline knowledge and skills in a particular industry area. Once you’ve earned a badge, you can showcase your skills to prospective employers on LinkedIn or other professional networking sites.

Open P-TECH Advantages:

  • Discover Technology: Open P-TECH orients you to the wide world of technology—learn all about AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Quantum and more
  • Explore and learn for free: Open P-TECH is free and open to you and everyone else, everywhere else
  • Grow skills, earn badges: You can build your skills in areas which excite you and earn digital badges to demonstrate your accomplishments

Ways to use Open P-TECH:

On your own to spark interest and take the first steps

Lead yourself on a tour of what technology is and can be. Imagine having an exciting career. Take the first steps to build your skills. Earn no-cost digital badges which will help you stand out as you apply to potential schools, internships, or employers.

As a teacher to share career possibilities with your students

Easily share career information with your students. Facilitate fun sessions covering topics such as AI and design thinking. Supplement your existing curriculum with new resources to help your students build the skills employers are seeking.

Here is the AI Foundations – Powered by ISTE and IBM Course Details:

AI Foundations is an online coursefrom ISTE and IBM that provides high school students with a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence, including technical underpinnings, practical applications, and ethical considerations.

There’s no doubt about the importance of artificial intelligence to future generations! Your job will most certainly use some type of AI. In this digital learning offering, created by ISTE and IBM especially for high school students, you’ll learn the foundational concepts behind AI systems, consider the ethical implications of AI, explore applications of AI tools, and more.

Complete five modules, including an AI Design Challenge, and pass the final assessment with a score of 80% or higher. You’ll be rewarded with the AI Foundations badge, issued by IBM SkillsBuild.

Module 1: What is AI?

AI is one of the world’s most important emerging technologies. Already impacting the way we live and work, Artificial Intelligence is going to impact virtually every career within the next 5 years. This module introduces you to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (what is AI), the history of AI, and the distinctions between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence. 

Module 2: AI and You

In this module, you will explore ethical considerations around AI. You will also learn about the design thinking process and dive into the first step of design thinking (Empathizing) to prepare for your AI Design Challenge.

Module 3: Machine Learning in AI

This module introduces you to the key concept of machine learning and how it intersects with AI, data, algorithms, and neural networks.

Module 4: AI Applications

In this module, you will explore applications of AI tools including natural interaction, computer vision, recommender systems, and autonomous systems. You will also define your user’s problem for the AI Design Challenge.

Module 5: Bringing It All Together

In this module, you will walk through the final stages of your AI Design Challenge project, including prototyping, testing, and reflecting on potential future updates. You will also have the opportunity to review content for the final exam.

Here is the Final Assessment Answers

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