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Google My Business Basic Assessment Exam Answers 2024

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Google My Business Basics Assessment Answers 2020

Google My Business Basics Assessment Answers 2024

Question No 1: Cozy Coat Factory is a large chain retailer of discount fashions. Many of their stores are located within shopping centers and outlet malls. How should you input the business name of these locations in their bulk upload spreadsheet?

  • Use the shopping center’s name as the business name
  • Use the core business name, as it appears in the real world
  • Add the store code to the business name
  • Include the name of the shopping center in the business name

Question No 2: The Google My Business messaging tool allows customers to reach business owners through what type of communication?

  • Video chat
  • Bulletin boards
  • Email
  • Text messaging

Question No 3: You just started using Google My Business and you want to see how many of your customers have been interacting with your business online. What feature can you use to access this information?

  • Insights
  • Location tracking
  • Google My Business data reporting
  • AdWords Express

Question No 4: You made changes to your business listing, but Google flagged the edits as pending. What do you need to do so your updated information appears in your listing?

  • Complete a change of information form
  • Review the information and make any necessary changes
  • Submit a request to Google for approval
  • Delete your information and resubmit it

Question No 5: Juan wants to claim an existing listing for his business. What does he need to do to get started?

  • Request a verification postcard with a code to access his listing
  • Click on the listing and start editing his business information
  • Start a new listing and request to merge it with the existing listing
  • Log in to Google My Business, search for, and select his listing

Question No 6: You are using Google My Business to promote your restaurant online and attract new customers. What feature can you use to encourage new people to try you out?

  • In-search call button
  • Customer reviews
  • Insights
  • Dynamic ads

Question No 7: Lamin has requested and is awaiting his verification code, when he realizes he needs to edit some of his business information. What should he do next?

  • Edit his listing and request a new verification code
  • Call Google support so they can edit his business information
  • Re-start the process to claim his listing and request a new verification code
  • Edit his listing and enter the verification code when he receives it

Question No 8: Michelle wants to know how she can improve her business listing so it reaches the most people online. What can she do to get the information she needs?

  • She can ask her customers to provide the information as part of their review.
  • She can use insights to see how many people saw her business online and the types of things they were searching for when her listing appeared.
  • She can review her AdWords Express account to see what ads she has connected to her listing.
  • She can review the call information to see how many customers are calling her directly from their online search.

Question No 9:  You just created a new product and want to get in front of potential customers who use Google Search and Maps. What is the most suitable Google My Business tool you can use to accomplish this?

  • Analytics
  • Posts
  • Website builder
  • Messaging

Question No 10: What are the verifcation options for businesses with 10 or more locations?

  • They only need to verify one location, and the rest will be automatically verified.
  • They will have to enter and verify their locations individually.
  • They can import and verify their locations in bulk.
  • They can enter their location information in bulk, but will have to verify each location individually.

Question No 11: What can you use to write applications that manage a Google My Business account and location data?

  • Google My Business website builder
  • AdWords Express
  • Google My Business with AdWords location extensions
  • Google My Business application programming interface (API)

Question No 12: Jessica has claimed and edited her listing, but she is still not seeing her changes live on Google Search. What step does she need to complete to finalize her listing?

  • Business verification
  • Account verification
  • Create a Google My Business owner account
  • Link her account with AdWords

Question No 13: How Can Business Owners Benefit From Using AdWords Express With Their Google My Business Listing?

  • It gives them the ability to instantly verify their business through AdWords Express.
  • They can create and manage a website in AdWords Express right from the Google My Business profile.
  • They can log into AdWords Express right from their Google My Business profile to create an ad campaign.
  • They can add their business listing to Google Maps.

Question No 14: Bob Owns A Small Café With A Google My Business Listing, But He’d Also Love To Have A Mobile-Friendly Website As Well. He Doesn’t Know Much About Creating Websites. What’s A Tool That Bob Can Use To Create His Site?

  • Posts
  • AdWords
  • Messaging
  • Website builder

Question No 15 :Alan Wants To Make Sure Customers Searching Online Know About The New Line Of Shoes His Store Is Now Selling. What Can He Do With His Google My Business Listing So Customers Learn About His New Product?

  • He can add photos of the new products so customers will see them when they search online.
  • He can review customer interactions in insights to see what his customers are searching for.
  • He can respond to customer reviews about his products so they know about the products he has to offer.
  • He can update his business listing so the brand name appears in his information.

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