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Google Data Analytics Professional Certification – The Digital Adda

Google Data Analytics is a program offered by Google that provides training in data analysis skills. It is designed to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of data and develop the necessary skills to analyze and interpret it effectively. The program covers various topics related to data analysis, including data collection, data cleaning, data visualization, data modeling, and data-driven decision-making.

Google Data Analytics offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines video lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies. It utilizes tools such as Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio to teach participants how to work with data effectively. The program also emphasizes practical skills and provides opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge to real-world data analysis projects.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate from The Digital Adda which you can share in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Exam Details

  • Format: Multiple Choice Question
  • Questions: 10
  • Passing Score: 8/10 or 80%
  • Language: English

Here are the questions and answers :

Which of the following statements best defines data?

Data is an assortment of questions.
Data is a business process.
Data is a collection of facts.
Data is the use of calculations and statistics.

Fill in the blank: In data analytics, the data ecosystem refers to the various elements that interact with one another to produce, manage, store, _, analyze, and share data.


Which of the following terms refers to the collection, transformation, and organization of data in order to draw conclusions, make predictions, and drive informed decision-making?

Data life cycle
Data insight
Data elements
Data analysis

An airline collects, observes, and analyzes its customers’ online behaviors. Then, it uses the insights gained to choose what new products and services to offer. What business process does this describe?

Analytical thinking
Performance measurement
Collaboration with stakeholders
Data-driven decision-making

Fill in the blank: The people very familiar with a business problem are called _. They are an important part of data-driven decision-making.

subject-matter experts

A data analyst finishes analyzing data for a marketing project. The results are clear, so they present findings to the client and ask for conclusions and recommendations. What should they have done first?

Archived the datasets in order to keep them secure
Created a model based on the results of the analysis
Shared the results with subject-matter experts from the marketing team for their input
Surveyed customers about results, conclusions, and recommendations

What practice involves identifying, defining, and solving a problem by using data in an organized, step-by-step manner?

Data design
Analytical thinking

Fill in the blank: Curiosity, understanding context, and having a technical mindset are all examples of _ used in data-driven decision-making.

analytical skills
business strategies
thought processes
data models

In data analysis, which analytical skill involves the management of people, processes, and tools?

Data control
Data strategy
Data analytics
Data design

Identifying the motivation behind data collection and gathering additional information are examples of which analytical skill?

Data design
Understanding context
Data strategy
A technical mindset


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