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GIS & Remote Sensing Online Certificate | Free Certificate on Space Technology

Hi everyone so here you will get free *”Online Quiz on GIS & Remote Sensing” by Organized by- Department of Geography, Shri Baldev Post Graduate College Baragaon, Varanasi, U. P. , India* This Quiz is designed to help you assess your knowledge. This is also a useful resource for employers to examine the knowledge of the candidates during an interview or for applicants who want to analyze their Space Technology knowledge. If you pass this test with 80% or above (16 questions or more), it is likely that you have pretty solid fundamental knowledge of Space Technology.

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Here are the questions and answers :

Total number of GLONASS satellites in the orbit as of now *

a. Less than 12
b. 20
c. 6
d. More than 22

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Errors in GIS database may be introduced by natural variation or fuzzy boundaries *

a. False
b. True

Projection System and Datum are the same thing *

a. True
b. False

Digital Image is composed of tiny areas known as pixels. With each pixel is associated a number known as *

a. Digital Number
b. Brightness Value
c. Grey Level
d. All of the given options

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Warming up of the ocean water caused *

a. Coral bleaching

b. Landward migration of corals
c. Better growth of coral reefs
d. No change in coral health

DMSP OLS sensor works in thermal band. *

a. True
b. False

Object based image analysis (OBIA) is generally applied to very high resolution satellite images. *

a. False
b. True

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Region is any portion of earth surface where physical conditions are _ *

a. None of the above
b. Similar
c. Homogeneous

d. Heterogeneous

Remote sensing image provides macroscopic view of regional geological structures which is not available in field-based observation. *

a. False

b. True

Coastal zone is a line and represented as an arc in a GIS *

a. True
b. False

Which is not a webserver: *

a. PHP
b. Jetty
c. Apache
d. IIS

Which of the following system has the same signal transmission for anti-podal satellites *

a. GPS
d. Compass

SIS in SISNeT stands for: *

a. Signal-In-Space (SIS) through the internet
b. Both Signal-In-Space (SIS) through the internet and Signal-In-Signal (SIS) through the internet
c. Signal-In-Signal (SIS) through the internet

Technologies leading to mobile mapping include *

a. Multi-platform & multi-sensor integrated mapping technology
b. All the given options
c. ICT / internet / wireless communication
d. Remote Sensing , GIS, GPS

Active forest fire can be best detected using *

a. Thermal
b. NIR
c. Visible

Human eye is sensitive to the __________region of EMR. *

a. Visible
b. Infrared

1 nanosecond error in timing, will generate error in ranging equal to: *

a. 30km
b. 300m
c. 0.3m
d. 30m

Orbital velocity increases as altitude of satellite increases. *

a. True
b. False

Which wavelength regions are most appropriate for differentiating snow and clouds? *

a. X-Rays
b. Gamma Rays
c. Radio Wave

Both spatial and attribute queries can be performed in QGIS. *

a. True
b. False

SDCM SBAS system belongs to: *

a. China
b. Russia
c. Japan
d. India

The number of orbital planes of GALILEO system *

a. 5
b. 3
c. 6
d. 4

GPS trackers need to communicate locally back to the server in order to track the individual / animal species. *

a. True
b. False

Geostationary satellites orbit at an altitude of _ kms from the earth *

a. 22000
b. 36000
c. 3600
d. 2200

Galileo and Glonass has same number of satellite in their satellite constellation *

a. False
b. True

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