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    This is an absolute Open-source , free platform where industry professionals provide simple but meaningful problem statements.

    The objective is to allow every student a chance to experience coding Internships from UI / UX to Data Analytics to kaggle problem solving using ML.

    Presently their are following domains to choose from :

    1> UI / UX Coding Internships : Here one would master HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap and make front-end replicas of uber-eats, samsung and hotstar.

    2> Coding Internships for developing Web & Mobile Apps using Angular : Here on would master the worlds most popular JavaScript framework – Angular. Their are total of 3 Web and Mobile Applications to be coded.

    3> Coding Internships for backend development using Core PHP & JavaScript : Their are in total 2 Web Applications to be coded.

    4> Coding Internships for backend development using Python & Django : Their are in total 4 Web Applications to be coded.

    5> Data Analytics (using Python) Coding Internships : Here one would start with Data cleaning, Data transformation, Data exploration and visualization. In certain cases you would be expected to make a mathematical model for Predictions. Each participant in this domain has to write a blog article explaining about the data analysis he has done and his conclusions thereby. You may share your code through a github link on the blog.

    6> Coding simple Financial Apps using Java : Here you would get an opportunity to code two commercially use-able Java Desktop Applications (approximating 2500 LOC) using swing library.

    7> Building Chat-bots using Google ML Engine : Here you would explore Google DialogFlow Chat-bot engine to develop 2 chat-bots one for Online Food Ordering (just like Zomato) and the other for Pathology Diagnostic Center. You would be taking your chat-bot live integrating with your face-book account.

    8> Sentiment Analysis using NLP libraries: Predict the sentiment for a number of movie reviews obtained from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) using both unsupervised and supervised ML model.

    9> Market Basket Analysis using Association Rule – Mining : Here you would find customer purchase behavior patterns which can be exploited for selling more items to the customer in the future using Association rule mining.

    Benefits of this platform :

    • Each Coding Internship Problem has much needed resources and helpful tips.
    • On submitting, the project is assessed by an AI engine.
    • On clearing a 10 mins MCQ test, you earn your Internship Certificate.

    Problem we have solved :

    • Allowing every Student a chance to do Coding Internship.
    • Asking Industry Professionals to make Problem statements.
    • Each problem statement is contributed by one or more Industry expert.

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    Here is the sample certificate you will get after completing the internship :

    Free Online Internship 2020


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