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Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Voucher Training – AWS Restart Program for Job Seekers and Students

Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Voucher Training – AWS Restart Program for Job Seekers and Students

AWS re/Start is a full-time, classroom-based skills development and training program that prepares individuals for careers in the cloud and connects them to potential employers. A technology background is not required to apply. The program is focused on unemployed or underemployed individuals, including military veterans, their families, and young people.

Through scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework, learners can gain the technical and soft skills they need for an entry-level cloud role. AWS re/Start also provides learners with resume and interview coaching to prepare them for employer meetings and interviews.

Who can Apply for this Training Program :

People with

  • Full-time availability to attend training Monday–Friday for the course duration (typically 12 weeks)
  • Ability to start a full-time job after course completion
  • Excitement to launch a career in cloud computing
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent

Program Benefits :

  • Access free, in-person, skills-based training
  • Build skills aligned to AWS Certification
  • Connect with employers & start your career

How to apply for AWS re/Start

Are you experiencing unemployment or underemployment and want to learn more about AWS re/Start? AWS re/Start works with different local collaborating organizations to deliver the program around the world. These organizations share our mission of building a diverse global pipeline of entry-level trained talent. 

Course Outline :

Cloud Foundation

  • Introduction to Cloud (basic computing and introduction to AWS)
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Python Programming
  • Databases Fundamentals

AWS Core Services

  • Well-Architected Framework
  • Understanding-Systems-Operations-on-AWS
  • Tooling-and-Automation
  • Computing-Servers
  • Computing-Scaling-and-Name-Resolution
  • Computing-Containers-and-Server less
  • Computing-Database-Services
  • Networking
  • Storage-and-Archiving
  • Monitoring-and-Security
  • Managing-Resource-Consumption
  • Creating-Automated-and-Repeatable-Deployments

Employability Skills and Event Sessions

  • Self-Assessment – Who Am I?
  • Amazon Leadership Principles
  • Communication Skills
  • Goal Settings
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Technical Thought Process
  • Digital Presence
  • Personal Portfolio Project* temporarily removed from agenda due to Covid-19 and virtual training
  • Resume Preparation
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Networking Skills
  • Hiring Process
  • Interview Process
  • Explore Cloud Job Postings
  • Explore Cloud Possibilities

What to expect after this training :

After completing the AWS re/Start program and earning your AWS Certification, you are ready for roles in several areas, including:

  • General IT: IT technician (rack/stack, basic configurations, execute configurations directed, and designed by others)
  • Data Center Technician
  • IT support (first line of triage in simple infrastructures and core AWS services)
  • Automation of simple tasks through Python scripting, including in an AWS core services environment
  • Basic networking configurations
  • Simple AWS core services configurations

Is this a paid training?

No training fees are charged.

  • Except for a security deposit of ₹5000.
  • 100% refundable on successful completion of the course with 75% attendance

Certification :

Yes, you will be awarded with AWS re/Start completion certificate after you finish the final assessment. You will also be prepared to pursue the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam, you will receive a voucher to take a practice and the certification exam free of charge.

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