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Fortinet Getting Started in Cybersecurity Content Filters Quiz Answers

Lesson 06: Content Filters Quiz Answers

Question: How do content filters improve computer security?

  • They test URLs in segregated virtual machines (VMs) to see what they do.
  • They prevent denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
  • They block lewd websites.
  • They block adware, spam, and malware.

Question: Which three filters are examples of content filters? (Choose three.)

  • Search engine filters
  • Email filters
  • DNS-based content filters
  • VPN filters
  • Blackhole filters

Question: What does machine learning (ML) reduce in search engine filters?

  • Accuracy
  • SPAM
  • False positives
  • Time needed to process

Question: Which definition best describes content filtering?

  • Software that detects patterns based on comparative content
  • A process that determines who has access to confidential information
  • A process of categorizing content based on predefined values
  • Software that controls the content an internet user can access

Question: Which Domain Name Service (DNS)-based content filter determines if a user can access content or not?

  • A list of allowed and blocked MAC addresses
  • Header content collation with a database of known threat actors
  • A machine learning (ML) algorithm
  • Allowlists and blocklists categorized by domain name or IP address

Question: Which method do search engine filters use to determine a content classification?

  • They compare known good content with the examined content.
  • They filter by pretagged words and images.
  • They check headers against a blackhole list.
  • They assign a weighting based on text and images.

Question: What is a benefit of content filters?

  • They improve the quality of content.
  • They reduce access to information.
  • They improve productivity.
  • They accelerate central processing unit (CPU) processing.

Question: Which three things do email filters check? (Choose three.)

  • Headers
  • Browser or application types
  • Attachments
  • The body of the message
  • MAC addresses

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