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Fortinet Getting Started in Cybersecurity Wi-Fi Quiz Answers

Lesson 7: Wi-Fi Quiz Answers

  • Fiber that makes wireless technology possible
  • Quality audio technology
  • An Ethernet networking protocol
  • Technology for radio wireless local area networks
  • Consult with NIST as to the latest security strategies.
  • Install antivirus software on all Wi-Fi devices.
  • Keep your router firmware up to date.
  • Pick passphrases that are hard to guess.
  • IEEE 802.11
  • 10Base-T
  • ISO 5750
  • RFC 826
  • It did not enforce complex passwords.
  • It was susceptible to man-in-middle attacks.
  • The RC4 encryption algorithm was easily defeated.
  • It did not support digital signatures.
  • Digital signatures were introduced to help identify valid access points (APs).
  • Complex passphrases were enforced.
  • The handshake for establishing connections became more secure.
  • The encryption key size was lengthened.
  • Enforcement of stronger passphrases
  • Encryption digital certificate
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm

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