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First Steps into Artificial Intelligence Quiz Answers – Microsoft Education

First Steps into Artificial Intelligence Quiz Answers – Microsoft Education

Question 1: Module 1 – Complete the sentence: AI is a combination of Technology + Computing Power + Complex Algorithms + ______.

  • Quantum physics
  • Androids
  • Data
  • Cloud computing

Question 2: Module 1 – Which of the following is an example of AI at work?

  • Credit card fraud protection
  • Automatic doors
  • Virtual Reality headsets
  • Tamagotchis

Question 3: Module 2 – Which of the following statements is the most correct summary of AI?

  • It’s an artificial sentient being that can understand human motivations with only basic demographic information.
  • It’s a tool that helps people work better and do more by exploring new ways of working.
  • It’s simply a fix-all that can plug in to any situation and improve it.
  • It’s an android workforce that’s going to replace human workers.

Question 4: Module 2 – Which of the following is not an advantage of AI?

  • Expanding business globally without a local presence.
  • Empowering sales staff with online browsing insights on their customers.
  • Overcoming language barriers with intelligent translation software.
  • Improving poor quality or incomplete data without any further inputs

Question 5: Module 3 – What is the specific term used to describe the way a machine can understand enormous amounts of data by mapping relationships within it? For example, achieving speech recognition by determining the relationships and associations between words.

  • Chatbots
  • Deep learning
  • Data scoring
  • Automation

Question 6: Module 3 – What is ‘data wrangling’?

  • The act of preparing and transforming data to be analysed by artificial intelligence and analytic software
  • A hacking technique that extracts intel from competing companies’ databases.
  • A process of generating brand new data, using simulation software.
  • Another name for Artificial Intelligence.

Question 7: Module 4 – What is the foundation of AI?

  • Mathematics
  • Computing power
  • The cloud
  • Data

Question 8: Module 4 – Which of the following isn’t necessarily a staple of good quality data?

  • Validated: it has been cleansed to ensure it is high quality, accurate and relevant.
  • Representative: it contains a broad scope of data and not only a narrow-sighted sample.
  • Produced by humans: it is sourced from hand-typed data entry, such as an online form.
  • Produced by machines: it is automatically generated by devices and other technology.

Question 9: Module 5 – Which of the following isn’t a necessary step for a business to take to get ready for the cloud and AI?

  • Analyse the existing technology landscape.
  • Begin ‘data wrangling’, collecting, organising and preparing data.
  • Install adequate air-conditioning to keep the cloud cool and operating effectively.
  • Invest in modern infrastructure.

Question 10: Module 6 – True or false? Many of today’s tech skills may become redundant in the future.

  • True
  • False

Question 11: Module 6 – What is a good strategy to bring about a cultural shift amongst current employees and their attitude towards AI?

  • Focus only on employees who already understand and embrace the benefits of AI, ignoring naysayers.
  • Switch the technology over and let employees learn to adapt on their own. Sink or swim!
  • Engage and upskill your workforce, providing dedicated AI training, and clearly explain the benefits of upgrading your technology.
  • Hire a fun mascot to dance around people’s desks, promoting AI until they come around to the idea.

Question 12: Module 7 – What type of AI analysis could be embedded directly into your product to continuously improve it with direct customer feedback?

  • Email automation
  • Machine learning
  • Social media sentiment
  • Cognitive services

Question 13: Module 7 – How could chatbots improve your customer data?

  • Identify which of your customers have bad spelling.
  • Introduce ‘gamification’, awarding users for updating their details.
  • Trick them into thinking they are talking to a real human.
  • Reveal more about their personality by analysing their profile photos.

Question 14: Module 8 – What is the core benefit of connecting the front and back end of office processes?

  • More employee motivation
  • More efficient workflows
  • Fewer overhead costs
  • Real-time collaboration

Question 15: Module 8 – How does AI fuel innovation?

  • Algorithms can think more creatively than humans.
  • Employees work harder so they aren’t replaced.
  • AI frees up internal resources to allow your experts to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Investing in new technology is innovation.

Question 16: Module 9 – What is the future AI development that will help AI understand and respond to us like another human?

  • IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
  • ET (Emotional Terrestrial)
  • VA (Voice Activation)
  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Question 17: Module 9 – What was a technological shift that Conversational AI could be compared to?

  • Dos Prompt > Windows Graphic Interface
  • Radio > Television
  • VCR > DVD
  • Horse-drawn carriages > Cars

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