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Financial Planning Made Easy Free Course by ElearnMarkets – 100% Off Coupon code Available

Financial Planning Made Easy Free Course by ElearnMarkets – 100% Off Coupon code Available

About the Course :

Financial Planning is one of the key elements in the finance industry & is one of the most prestigious and well paid professions in the sector. The Financial Advisors are the latest breed of professionals worldwide who through their own entrepreneurial practices or while working with banks/ investment advisory companies prepare financial plans for their clients and help them achieve their financial goals.

This course helps you to understand your financial goals and assists you in growing, managing and protecting your wealth with its comprehensive course structure.


This course intends to help the participants acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate ethically and responsibly in the highly regulated financial services environment. This programme will also help the participants to know about various asset classes and the risks and returns associated with them . Students will also be exposed to the important terms, rules, concepts, principles and theories related to financial planning.


What is Financial Planning?

  • What are the reasons for the increasing need for Financial Planning?
  • What’s your Current Situation?
  • What is a role of a financial planner?
  • Understand the process of financial planning
  • Life Cycle and Wealth Cycle of a Client
  • How to do risk profiling of a client?
  • What is the systematic approach to investments?
  • What is Systematic Investment Plan ( SIP ) ?
  • What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan ( SWP ) ?
  • What is Systematic Transfer Plan ( STP ) ?
  • What are different types of Financial Plans?
  • Importance of financial planning ?

Wealth Management and Economy

  • Difference between Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • What are economic cycles?
  • What are various economic indicators?
  • Different views on Interest Rates
  • Understand Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy and Deficits

Investment and Risk Management-Equity

  • What is the role of equity investments?
  • Understand the difference between active and passive exposures
  • What are sector exposures? Why is it important?
  • Understand the concept of diversification
  • Fundamental analysis at a glance
  • What is the difference between investment and speculation?

Investment and Risk Management – Debt

  • Understand the Role and Features of Debt
  • How to carry out valuation for debt securities?
  • What is yield to maturity?
  • What are various  Interest Rate and Debt Instruments?
  • What is credit risk?
  • Understand the concept of duration
  • What is Concentration Risk?

Investing in Gold & Real Estate

  • Introduction to Investment in alternative assets-gold and real estate
  • Why invest in Gold?
  • What are the factors that affect gold prices?
  • Know different ways of investing in Gold
  • Comparison among different ways of investing in Gold
  • Introduction to Real Estate Investing
  • What are the different ways of investing in Real Estate?
  • Which are the real estate indices?


  • Students who do not have any / negligible knowledge of Finance
  • All employees of Asset Management Companies
  • All team members of Financial Products Distribution Company 
  • All undergoing Graduates / Graduates (in any stream)  – willing to complete their knowledge sphere
  • Anyone who wants to manage their money on their own

Course Prize: Rs 999/-

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