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Facebook Security Quiz Answers – Information Security Education Awareness

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1. What is the distinction between Personal Information & Private Information and which is the information that you can share online with everyone?

  • Personal Information – Interests, hobbies, Ideas, food etc., – can be shared online Private Information – full name, address, mobile number, financial details etc., – should never be shared online.
  • Both Personal and private information are the same and you can share them online with everyone.
  • Personal Information: full name, address, mobile number, financial details etc., – can be shared Online Private Information – Interests, hobbies, Ideas, food etc., – cannot be shared online
  • Both personal and private information is sensitive and cannot be shared openly

2. How can you manage your data and information on facebook?

  • By updating the information regularly
  • By checking the relevant posts and deleting unwanted posts.
  • By using advanced control options under ‘manage your data’ feature in facebook.
  • I do not know

3. What is a legal age to open a facebook account in india ?

  • 13
  • 18
  • 16
  • 21

4. How can I make my Facebook more secure ?

  • Turn ON Face Recognition while Chatting with strangers
  • Accept all Friend Requests
  • Set Everything to Private & Use Two factor authentication while Login
  • Install security apps to identify the fake person online when you chat.

5. Does facebook use secure browsing feature of ‘HTTPS’ ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • May be
  • Yes, Partially

6. Do you think it is appropriate and safe to enable ‘remember me’ option allow direct access of your Facebook account without typing in your password while using your mobile ?

  • Yes, it is safe, as my mobile is alaways available with me and direct access of accounts makes it convinient to view updates.
  • Yes, it is safe, as my mobile has a PIN or finger print as access protection.
  • No, it is not at all safe
  • It is always better to keep separate password for mobile access and facebook access

7. Is it possible to temporarily deactivate your facebook account ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I dont know
  • You cannot

8. How can you protect your profile picture on facebook from being misused by others to create fake account ?

  • Enable the option ‘Profile Picture Guard’ provided by facebook.
  • Do not upload your photograph as profile pic at all
  • Keep checking online if any fake account is created online.
  • None of the above

9. What should you not put on facebook?

  • Information about current news
  • username and passwords associated with your financial security.
  • Posts that don’t have personal information
  • Security Posts w.r.t technology

10. How can you restrict the access of your facebook account on multiple devices?

  • By choosing option ‘log out of all sessions’ option in login security settings and logging in afresh.
  • By using on a single device for accessing facebook.
  • By not giving access to your digital devices to anyone.
  • None of the above

11. What is the precautionery measure to ensure access to your account in case it is hacked by someone ?

  • Enable 2 factor authentication
  • Choose any five trusted friends to contact in security options, who can authenticate you in case your login is hacked.
  • Contact the Facebook Helpdesk.
  • Have secured password.

12. Privacy settings in facebook help you to –

  • connect and share with only the people you know and trust
  • Keep your data hidden from others
  • Access private information of other account holders
  • None of the above

13. ____ is used as a remote procedure call (RPC) framework for facebook.

  • Oozie
  • Mahout
  • Thrift
  • Impala

14. How can you report an abuse or acts like ‘sexual content, cyber bullying etc.,’ on facebook ?

  • You can reach out and report for support, by choosing the option ‘Find support or report post’ or ‘somethings wrong’ option on facebook.
  • By calling up the facebook help desk executive
  • Approach relevant expert
  • mail to

15. What can you do if you find spam messages on your facebook account?

  • You can unfriend and block the account of sender.
  • You can open these messages and check the content.
  • You can report about it to facebook helpdesk
  • A&C

16. What care should be taken while assigning a password while use facebook or other social media accounts?

  • Have different passwords for different social media accounts.
  • Have a complex password and use it for all your social media accounts.
  • Keep changing your passwords of your social media accounts regularly
  • A & C

17. httr package does not work well with facebook and twitter API.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Partially it can work

18. Which Act in India focuses on data protection and Data privacy ?

  • Banking Regulation Act 1949
  • IT Act 2000
  • Indian Penal Code
  • IT (amendment) Act 2008

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