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WhatsApp Security Quiz Answers – Information Security Awareness

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1. What is cyber flashing on WhatsApp ?

  • Receiving unacceptable sexual content or images through watsapp messages, videos or calls.
  • Sending very short video clips on WhatsApp
  • Sending emojis on WhatsApp
  • None of the above

2. WhatsApp is the form of…

  • Oral Communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Visual Communication
  • None of these

3. Does WhatsApp provide strong data protection required by businesses?

  • Yes
  • No
  • May be
  • Don”t know

4. Whatsapp can be hacked by

  • Hijack the user account by gaining their verification code
  • by gaining access to you whatsapp web through whataspp web online and sending messages on your behalf
  • Through SIM Swapping
  • Through phishing mail

5. What do you mostly use whatsapp for ?

  • Chatting & sharing information
  • Joining unknown groups for chatting and videos
  • Marketing / Selling and buying products
  • Making free internet Audio / Video Calls

6. How can you hide your status update from being shared with every one of your contacts in WhatsApp?

  • By not updating the status page
  • By using the “data and storage” option
  • By choosing the “status privacy” option
  • None of the above

7. What are the ways to ensure security of your WhatsApp account?

  • Enable 2FA and do not share the 6 digit PIN of WhatsApp with anyone
  • Enable privacy settings on your mobile
  • do not give access to your mobile device or passwords to any one.
  • All the above

8. How can you take back up of WhatsApp chats ?

  • By using the “chat backup” option provided in the “chats” feature in WhatsApp settings
  • By copying all your chats into a seprate document and saving it.
  • I do not know

9. How can you restrict the viewing of your profile picutre on WhatsApp ?

  • By not updating your profile pic
  • By choosing appropriate option in “profile photo” feature under privacy settings
  • by choosing option in “groups” feature under privacy settings
  • I do not know

10. How can you disable the automatic download of pictures, videos, documents, audio on WhatsApp of group ?

  • By using the “Media visiability option under Group info( Click on three dots ) ” provided under individual WhatsApp group
  • By using “blocked contacts” option in privacy settings
  • By limiting your WhatsApp contacts
  • I do not know

11. What is the privacy setting on WhatsApp that can restrict others from accessing/opening your WhatsApp on your mobile ?

  • The fingeprint lock feature in the privacy setting in WhatsApp
  • The Status feature in privacy settings
  • None of the above

12. How to verify if your WhatsApp is being accessed in another device using the web WhatsApp feature ?

  • By checking others system or devices physically
  • Check if ” logout from all devices” option is active in your mobile when you click “WhatsApp web” option
  • By enabling the app lock feature in your mobile
  • None of above

13. Who is the responsible person if any user in the WhatsApp group has posted an fake/ illegal/unlawful/ unacceptable post

  • Group Admin who created the group
  • All admins in the group
  • All the group members
  • None of the above

14. What is the feature available in WhatsApp to ensure that sender does not know wether you have read their message?

  • The status option provided in privacy settings.
  • There is no such feature in WhatsApp
  • The “read receipt” option available in privacy settings
  • I do not know

15. What is end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp?

  • Every one can read
  • The data while travelling between two WhatsApp accounts cannot be read by humans
  • WhatsApp can read the messages
  • All the above

16. WhatsApp is offering which mode to users apart from providing text status messages?

  • Picture in picture feature for video calling
  • Picture in picture feature for chatting
  • Picture in picture feature for calling
  • Picture in picture feature for messaging

17. How to verify if your chat back up is linked to right email id ?

  • By checking the email id updated in the “chat backup” option under “chats” option of WhatsApp settings.
  • By checking the new boradcast option in WhatsApp
  • By checking your “data and storage usage” feature in WhatsApp
  • I do not knowWhatsApp Security 100%

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