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Email Marketing Certification – Email Marketing MCQ (Muliple Choice Questions) | The Digital ADDA

Email Marketing Certification – Email Marketing MCQ (Muliple Choice Questions) | The Digital ADDA

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations. The quiz below will help shed some light on that. Do give it a shot and see what new facts you may learn about this emerging concept in business.

Here are the Email Marketing Certification Questions and Answers:

Email Marketing Quiz Questions and Answers

 Q.1 _______________ is the term for unwanted or unsolicited email.

    A) Junk

    B) Spam

    C) Trash

    D) Meat

Q.2 You’re sending a transactional email, an email that confirms a purchase, a signup, or some such transaction.  True or False?  It’s perfectly legal to include marketing messaging in that email.

      A) True

     B) Flase

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Q .3 Expand MIME in connection to E-mail?

     A) Multipurpose Information Mail Extensions

     B) Multiple Instruction Million Execution

     C) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

     D)  Million Instruction Multiple Execution

 Q .4 Personalizing your email (e.g., by including your prospect’s name or     company) improves click-through rates by:

      A) 4%

      B) 14%

      c) 24%

  Q. 5 How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?

  1. Email marketing provides a one-to-one channel of communication.
  2. Email marketing provides different types of email.
  3. Email marketing syncs closely to your CRM.
  4. Email marketing syncs data to external platforms.

Q. 6 Which of the following is among the most important elements of  successful email marketing?

a) Subject line

b) Message

c) Offer

Q .7 Which of the following comes under email marketing?

A. Email newsletters
B. Lead Nurturing
C. Digests
D. All of the above

Q . 8 This is a term for the number of times that user click on links in a message or on a website : it is much higher for legitimate marketing emails that for spam.

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A. personalization
B. spamming
D. spoofing

Q .9 Which one among the following is not way for gaining permission for sending email to the people?

A)Opt – out

B)Opt – in

C) Double – opt – in

D) Self – opt

Q. 10 Unsolicited, unwanted commercial e- mail message are better know as…

A) Bug

B) Virus

C) Spam

D) Bacn

E) None of the above

Q. 11 Do you see any mistakes in this fragment of an email digest?

A) I see no mistake

B) Different font colors

C) Lack of image

Q. 12 Generally, when you receive an email, it will appear in your _________.


B) Inbox

C) Message pane

D) Compose pane

Q .13 True or False: Services such as Gmail offer free email acconts.

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A) True

B) False

Q. 14 what does ‘E-Mail’ stand for?

A) Electric mail

B) Electronic mail

Q .15 The _______ is the part of an e-mail message that contains the address of the sender and recipient.

A) Footer

B) Header

C) Body

Q. 16 An E-Mail address can have empty spaces in it.


B) False

Q. 17 which could be a valid E-mail address?


A) Http://www.whitehouse.gov

B) President://whitehouse.com

C) President@whitehouse.gov

Q. 18 what is a ‘.com’ in a web address mean?

A) Commercial

B) Communication

C) Command

Q. 19 what is used to separate the two parts of an E-mail address?

A)Number Sign (#)

B) An ‘at’ symbol (@)

C) An asterisk (*)

Q. 20 You can send an attachment with an e-mail.

A) True

B) False

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Q. 21 An Inbox is where you can find:

A) Sent email

B) New email

C) Deleted email

Q. 22 which email service provider first made email available for free to the public?

A) Hotmail


C) Prodigy

D) Yahoo!

Q. 23 How many email users were there in 2018?

A) 1.5 billion

B) 2.7 billion

C)  3.8 billion

D) 5.2 billion

Q. 24 There are four Scenarios in?

A) Servers

B) Domains


D) Email

Q. 25 Email was invented in……………..

A) Spain

B) India

C) America

D) Canada

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Q. 26 which of the following protocol is used by internet mail?





Q. 27  Junk E-mail is also called…………..

 A) Spam

B) Spoof

C) Sniffer script

D) Copple crumbs

Q. 28 what is the shortcut key to create a new email in outlook?

 A) Ctrl + F

B) Ctrl + R

C) Ctrl + N


Q. 29 which of these is not a medium for e-mail?

 A) Paper

B) Intranet

C) Internet

D) Extranet

Q .30 which of these is the easiest way of communication?

 A) Fax

B) E-mail

C) Letter

D) Telephone

Q. 31 What does SMTP stands for?

A) Simple Mail Terminal Protocol

B) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

C) Simple Mail Transport Protocol

D) None of the above

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Q. 32 In www stands for

A) Wide World Web
B) Web World Web
C) World Wide Weblink
D) World Wide Web

Q.33 Which domains are used by profit business?

A) .org
B) .edu
C) .net
D) .com

Q. 34 IPv6 address length?

A) 32 bits
B) 128 bits
C) 64 bits
D) 256 bits

Q. 35 What percentage of commercial (marketing) email goes to the recipient’s spam folder?

A) 20%

B) 50%

C) 80%


Q.36– What is the definition of an email marketing strategy?

A) A strategy used to market products and services and nurture relationships in a human and helpful way through the use of the email channel.

B) A separate strategy outside of your inbound efforts that allows you to send email.

C) A strategy for sending all types of email for your business, including sales emails and administrative emails.

D) None of these.

Q.37 There are three key components to sending the right email. The first is including the right content in the email. What are the second two?

A) The right style and the right placement of your CTA

B) The right person, which comes down to how you segment your contacts, and the right time

C) The right subject line and the right preview text

D) The right order of emails you send in a nurturing campaign and the right footer information

Q.38 what is graymail?

(A) Email you never opted into receive and is a form of spam

(B) Email you technically opted in to receive but don’t really want anymore.

(C) Email that comes from merchants.

(D) Email that is marked for your junk folder

Q.39 what is the definition of email deliverability?

(A) The measurement and understanding of how successful a sender is at getting their marketing email into people’s inboxes.

(B) A program to get into people’s inboxes.

(C) The measurement of how successful a sender is at not getting lost in the spam folder.

(D) The measurement and understanding of spam filters.


Q.40 what are the key parts to creating a consistent experience in your marketing emails?

(A) The brand and the images

(B) The brand and the footer used

(C) The brand and the email client and device it’s opened on

(D) The brand and the logo at the top

Q.41 Which of the following is most important metric to track email marketing?

B) Open rate
C) Click rate
D) All of the above


Q.42 what technique is used by legitimate marketers to customize offerings for specific customers?

A) Personalization
B) spamming
C) spoofing
D) None of the above

Q.43 Identify the factor that enables tracking of good and bad reputation?

A) IP address
B) User engagement
C) Fequency
D) All of the above

Q.44 How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?

A) Email marketing provides a one-to-one channel of communication.

B) Email marketing provides different types of email.

C) Email marketing syncs closely to your CRM.

D) Email marketing syncs data to external platforms.

Q.45 When was the first email sent?

A) 1980s

B) 2000

C) 1970s

D) 1990s

Q.46 What does it mean to create an inbound email marketing strategy?

A) Develop a way to send blast email, create conversations, and close customers.

B) Create a human, helpful, and customer-driven conversation and experience.

C) Create a human, inbound, and holistic experience.

 D) Create a helpful, human, and lead-only driven conversation and experience.


Q.47 Segmentation is an important piece of your inbound email marketing strategy. What does segmentation primarily help you do?

A) Send the right person the right message at the right time.

B) Create active lists for your business.

C) Segment contacts who you can’t connect with.

D) Segment the different functions of your business to target outreach and communication.

Q.48 As an inbound professional you might be sending many different types of emails, even one-to-one communication emails. What will you need to send one-to-many emails?

A) Email sending provider

B) Email service program

C) Email service provider

D) Email sender program

Q.49 For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is:

A) $2

B) $10

C) $38

q.50Which of the following is correct size of email template before executing a campaign?

A) 15KB
B) 18KB
C) 20KB
D) 15MB




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