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Cyber Security Awareness FREE Govt Certificate

Cyber Security Awareness Govt Certificate
Cyber Security Awareness Govt Certificate

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  • I pledge
  • To be more cyber aware and alert in safeguarding myself, my family and friends against possible cyber crimes or online frauds, by following good cyber hygiene practices online at home/office/school.
  • To always be careful with passwords and never share them with anyone and keep changing them frequently while using different passwords for different accounts.
  • To never share financial details like Debit Card/Credit Card/PIN/OTP with anyone.
  • To never publish or share my personal and private details like pictures, full name, date of birth, school address, parents’ details, etc. online openly with everyone.
  • To think before I click on suspicious links/email attachments/advertisements/free offers/free antivirus, etc. circulated online.
  • To refrain from cyber bullying, posting any inflammatory or derogatory comments or posts on social media.
  • To encourage friends, family and others in my community to do the same and put efforts to make cyber safety a habit.
  • To be a responsible citizen of India in playing my part for ensuring a safer cyberspace for all.

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