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Cyber Hygiene Practitioner Quiz Answers – ISEA and MEITY


Here are the questions and answers of Cyber Hygiene Practitioner Quiz by ISEA :

Ques 1. Which of the following are safe mode of money transactions at shopping centers ? i) UPI banking with limited amount in the wallet ii) Cash transactions iii) Using debit/credit card

i) and ii)
i) and iii)
ii) and iii)
i), ii) and iii)

Ques 2. What will you recommend your friend who is using one unique password for all his accounts from many years, but still no security breach has happened?

Will not recommend anything as no security breach has happened.
Tell your friend to change the password regularly and use same password for all his account.
Tell your friend to change the password regularly and use different passwords for different accounts

Ques 3. What according to you is the main reason to secure your personal desktop/laptop?

to secure your personal information only
to secure your financial information only
to secure all information available in the desktop

Ques 4. Using email hacking, illicit hackers can send &Ques spread , viruses, __ and spam emails.

trojans, redirected malicious URLs
antivirus, patches
genuine software, redirected malicious URLs
malware, security patches

Ques 5. Your personal hotspot is often a safer alternative to free Wi-Fi.


Ques 6. How effective is one spam filter to protect your e-mail from all kind of malicious emails ? i. Spam emails may carry virus and attack your system through e-mail, so using a spam filter can protect your e-mail and also your system ii. spam emails fills your inbox and make it difficult to find the genuine e-mails, spam filter will reduce the spam e-mails and protect your email iii. spam emails will block email bombing

option i
option ii and iii
option i and ii
option i, ii and iii

Ques 7. What information is conveyed by the SSID that is configured on an smart device

the registration server
the wireless network
the default network
the home network

Ques 8. How to stop Data Leakage via USB devices

Disable unused USB ports
Plug-in USB “locks” to physically secure unused ports
Use data blocker

Ques 9. Can Mobile phone be hacked through Bluetooth connectivity?

May be

Ques 10. Roshan has downloaded an ‘ mobile torch app’ on his mobile, while installing the app. it was required to give permissions to it to access to mobile resources like location, contacts, gmail account etc., Do you think Roshan should download such an app, that requires permissions? Why?

Roshan should not download apps that ask for permission to access personal details which is unnecessary for the application, he should be wary of any third party apps. This is an unhygienic practice and can lead to safety/privacy breach causing security threats.
Roshan may only give the permissions and check the performance of the application and incase it is unsatisfactory he may delete it latter. Such minor apps do not pose any issues.
It is upto Roshan to download the app or not, as it is his mobile’s security at stake.
None of the above

Ques 11. What is mostly used to protect the system or network from malware, worms, and viruses ?

All of these

Ques 12. How Does Temperature Affect The Performance of Computer Components?

Temperature may damage the hardware components of computer
Temperature may damage the hardware and software of the computer
I don’t think temperature will affect the performance of computer

Ques 13. Cybercriminals leave USB devices for people to find and plug into their computers. what is this and what are the risk associated?

Universal Serial Bus (USB) drop attack, it can have malware infected files
Social engineering attack, to steal data
spyware to spy on your data

Ques 14. If an attacker is able to gain administrative access to your firewall of your personal computer, it is considered your network security is ‘compromised’. Your Antivirus cannot prevent unwanted access. Do you agree to this ?

Yes ,configuring the personal firewall is necessary
No , it is ok if you don’t configure your firewall, and use only antivirus

Ques 15. It is always recommended to enable Bluetooth connection for your device safety


Ques 16. Pallavi received an email from a popular banking organization, that said that she has been shortlisted for an interview and she needs to click the link given in the mail and submit necessary details for further processing as soon as possible ? What do you think Pallavi should do once she reads the mail ?

She can look at the kind of job being offered and if offer is lucrative she can immediately apply.
She can call the numbers given in the mail and cross verify with them reg. the offer.
She should check for possible signs of cyber fraud/scam like general addressing instead of her name, reference to the advt. Published in Newspapers, spelling mistakes, website id(https) etc., and then call up the specific bank (with contact no. fm original site) to confirm.

Ques 17. What are the factors that make the senior citizens vulnerable to cyber threats ?

Their inaptness/difficulty in using the digital devices and handling online transactions/communication.
Not being aware of the various kinds of cyber threats/dangers that are possible during online transactions/communication and how to handle them.
Lack of knowledge of the new technology trends and their usage and lack of support or guidance to handle the technology and digital devices
All the above

Ques 18. While attending online sessions/classes, is it advisable to use the class code shared by your classmate, with outsiders also ?

Yes, it is safe
No, it is not safe

Ques 19. What is basic cyber hygiene practice that you should be aware about to protect yourself from social engineering techniques employed by fraudsters?

Never share your private and sensitive financial information like PIN/OTP/Password with anyone and never click on links or download attachments received from unknown sources.
It is better to avoid using digital devices for any financial transactions as it can be risky.

Ques 20. __ provides an isolated tunnel across a public network for sending and receiving data privately as if the computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Visual Private Network
Virtual Protocol Network
Virtual Protocol Networking
Virtual Private Network

Ques 21. Clicking a link received through email from an unknown source may redirect to __ that automatically installs malware in your system.

that vendor’s site
security solution site
malicious site
software downloading site

Ques 22. Mrs. Gupta received a call saying that her name & number, has been shortlisted from the customers who had shopped earlier that week from XYZ mall. They said she has won a cash prize of Rs.15000/- and a cheque towards that amount will be sent over to her with a special gift for her. They told her that to encash that amount she has to pay a nominal amount of Rs.1000/- towards processing fee and gave her the details of the number where she pay the amount. What are the facts that Mrs. Gupta should think over and consider in the above scenario?

She should understand that any prize amount/lottery/gift which asks for any fee as upfront payment is fake.
You cannot win a lottery/gift/contest/free gift you did not enter or register.
No legitimate contest issue a free cheque as partial/full payment as post dated cheque asking for some portion as repayment.
All the above

Ques 23. Does turning off your modem every night ensure safety ?

No, it does not ensure safety
Yes it does ensure safety

Ques 24. You are at an Airport waiting for your flight and working on your personal laptop; a stranger sitting near you requests you to use your personal laptop citing some emergency. Will you give your laptop and do you think it is wise to share your personal laptop with strangers?

Yes , I will give and ask him to access the personal laptop in-front of me
No I will politely reject
I will share without a second thought

Ques 25. Once connected to public Wi-Fi, it is always safe to use a —— to ensure that your activity remains private.

Any network

Ques 26. One of the student in online class complains that he is unable to follow the lecture as he could not hear properly, whereas all others could follow and hear it. Why only one student has the issue.

The student’s network bandwidth is low due to which his/her audio quality is low.
The student’s credentials were not properly matched by the IT administrator as the student is a new joiner to that class, so he had an issue.
The student is lying because he is not interested in the class and watching some other video during the class.
Any one of the above.

Ques 27. A __ can hide a user’s browsing activity.

Incognito mode

Ques 28. Mr. Verma was a retired person who lived alone. He had recently started interacting with his old friends and others through social media platforms to engage himself online socially. He received a friend request from one Mrs. Gupta, who claimed to be his old school mate, from the same school. After some interaction , she asked him if he could help her with some amount, as she needs it for some urgent need that will be returned within some time. What do you think Mr. Verma Should do, in the above situation?

He should give her the amount and see if she returns the amount in time.
He should give her only some part of the amount asked for.
He should block her account and not entertain her at all.
He should gracefully decline and as a policy not enter into any kind of financial transactions or exchange financial information with people online whose identity he is not sure of.

Ques 29. Shyam received a call from someone claiming to be from a bank, saying that the ATM card number will be blocked because of some technical issue and he has to share the card number and PIN to ensure that the card is enabled and updated accordingly? What do you think Shyam should do?

He can share the details with the bank official after confirming that he is from the bank.
He can share his details through SMS to the mobile number, from which he received the call.
He should never share the details of ATM card number or PIN number with any one claiming to be from bank or any other trusted source for any purpose.

Ques 30. Do you think all the paid conferencing apps are safe for remote learning?

May be
Depends on what security and privacy settings are set up for these apps and how the users use them.

Ques 31. Why is mobile security important? i. to protect your privacy ii. to protect your money iii. to protect your mobile device

only i
only ii
i,ii and iii

Ques 32. Which of these is an important feature of an ergonomic chair?

A straight, rigid back rest
Fixed armrests
A five-leg base with casters (rollers)
All of the above

Ques 33. How can parents keep track of child’s online activity and control them effectively?

They should discuss with children and set limits on the screen time, set priorities rightly, not allow gadgets during food, homework, sleep.
Enabling security and privacy features on the gadgets used by children
Set up restrictions in usage of websites, downloading apps etc., using google safe search, using separate account with restrictions.
All the above

Ques 34. Why is important to take care while downloading the files received from others ?

It is important as it can pose threats to our digital devices and data
It is important as the files being downloaded may be infected with malware/spyware/virus etc., and can corrupt your system and data.
It is important because most of the time you receive these files from unknown people.

Ques 35. What is the simplest way to protect data when a device is lost or stolen

change passwords immediately and perform a remote wipe to the device
change passwords of all accounts
block the SIM immediately

Ques 36. Encryption is a way of __________

securing Information on a network
Securing Viruses
Deleting applications
Hacking Passwords

Ques 37. Preeti got a friend request from a girl named shruti, whom she did not know . However Shruti claimed that she shared the same interests/hobbies as preeti and studies in same class. Do you think Preeti should accept the friend request from Shruti and why?

No, Preeti should not accept friend request as it might be a a fake request from online predator with wrong intentions.
Preeti can accept the request only after thoroughly verifying about Shruti by- checking her profile, by finding about her among friends if they know her personally. As this will ensure that she is making online friend with the right person.
Preeti can accept the friend request based on the facevalue of the request request sent to her, as it can be a false request.

Ques 38. Mr. Rao got a call that said they are from the insurance company and as the policy has matured the wanted him to share his bank details to enable them to deposit the amount directly in his bank online. What do you think Mr. Rao should do in the above scenario?

He should give his bank account details and ask them to deposit the amount and thank them for making the process convenient for him.
He should immediately hang up the phone and block the number from which he received the call.
He should not share any details and tell them he will get back latter if required & hangup. Latter he should cross verify with the insurance company about details and if required take help of member of family for any online banking transaction or do it himself.

Ques 39. Which is the option that protects you from attacks by blocking potentially harmful, insecure content on web pages that are supposed to be secure ?

Content Filtering
Screen time
None of the above

Ques 40. How can you prevent unwanted purchases by clicking a few settings in the device’s respective apps.

disable voice enabled purchasing
app eanbled purchasing
in app purchases

Ques 41. Ram had installed wifi for home and did not bother to set a password for accessing it? Is it a hygienic computer usage practice and how do you think will it effect his network security?

Yes, it is a hygienic computer usage practice. It will help him and his family members in easily & conveniently accessing wifi while at home.
No, it is not a hygienic computer usage practice, as it will make his home network quite vulnerable for attacks from cyber attackers which can put his data and computers at risk.

Ques 42. The E-mail attachments should not be opened in the following situations

When the e-mail is from someone you know who always forwards you jokes.
The e-mail attachment is from somebody you do not know, but is a executable file as attachment.
The e-mail attachment has “.doc, .exe, or .pdf” in the file name extension.
None of the above

Ques 43. You feel that your home Wi-Fi network is monitored by unknown users. What setting will you change?

Change the default password to unique strong password.
Change the configuration from public to private.
Change the default network name and keep your name.
Both option1 and option 2 must be followed.

Ques 44. Meenu was chatting in a chat room when a friend she had made online, claiming to be of same class, started asking her to share her personal pics in an objectionable attire? What do you think Meenu should do and Why ?

Meenu should immediately inform her parents about it, and block this friend. It is quite possible that it is a online predator who is trying to contact her.
Meenu can reject sending her photographs and tell her she is not interested to continue chatting with her, as she is not comfortable with her requests.
Meenu can send her the pics and ask her to keep it safe and not share it with any one.

Ques 45. The salesman in the shopping centre tried to swipe Ms. Priya’s contactless debit card which was in her wallet, but failed to do so. What do you think is the reason?

She was not carrying her contactless card.
She had kept it safely in a metal card holder shield in her wallet.
She had kept the wallet safely her handbag.
all the above.

Ques 46. What do you think is a social engineering threat?

Manipulation by fraudsters to get access to your private and sensitive information for committing frauds.
Fraudsters making a scheme or plan to commit financial frauds.
Fraudsters socially cheating general public by stealing their money.

Ques 47. What do you suggest your neighbour who complaints that their child is watching age inappropriate content while browsing internet.

Set boundaries for how long your child can spend online and what they can do after the online classes.
Keep computers in a common area and monitor your child’s activity.
Adjust parental controls to the website channels that suit your child’s age and maturity.
All the above

Ques 48. Your child is complaining that she is not able to copy the notes during online classes using smartphone and also has eye burning sensation. What is the first thing to do?

Immediately take her to eye specialist for check up.
Ask her to attend the classes using laptop for two days and if she still complaints the same, visit the doctor.
Change the smartphone with a different one to check if it a problem with the smartphone itself.
Ask her not to attend the classes for next one week so that her eyes are relaxed.

Ques 49. What are the precautions to be taken to avoid the loss of data due to physical theft of devices? i) Set strong passwords, passcodes or screen locks for all your devices ii) You can share your phone with strangers. iii) Don’t leave your devices unattended

i) and ii)
ii) and iii)
i) and iii)
i), ii) and iii)

Ques 50. Do the smart devices need special security measures

Yes , it requires extra protective measures
Yes , it need similar measures as other digital devices
secuirty is inbuilt
No it is not required as we control these devices

Ques 51. What are the measures that can help in securing your data and personal information in case your mobile is misplaced or lost?

Enabling biometric authentication; not storing critical information related debit/cards and activating SIM locks can be helpful security measures.
Encrypting the data on your mobile and not saving any personal/private/critical data on mobile.
Locking all the apps and having strong password.
All the above

Ques 52. If you have ever tried to download a file from the Internet and were warned of a potential threat, that’s your __ protecting your computer in the background.


Ques 53. What are the physical safety measures one has to take while using laptop, mobile or tab in the car?

Use anti slippery mats so that the devices will not slip while travelling
Secure them in safe pouches or bags
Use devise holders or stands in the car to place them.
All the above options need to be followed

Ques 54. You are sending company’s important file via email. What do you think you should do to protect your data in the file from security breaches?

Password protect the file itself and send. Share the password securely to the recipient or encrypt the file attachment and send.
There is no need of encryption since sending file via email is already secure.
Send it as Google doc file.

Ques 55. Are there any vulnerabilities specific to mobile devices?

Yes, vulnerabilities in hardware & software
Yes , Threats that can effect through mobile connectivity

Ques 56. VPNs use encryption techniques to maintain security and privacy while communicating remotely via public network.


Ques 57. Varun got an email that appeared to be from Income Tax Department, saying ‘due to COVID 19 pandemic the government has decided to refund the tax amount paid’, they had provided him a link and asked him to follow the link refund of the amount. What do you think Varun should do in the above case ?

Follow the link and give the details as it can give him some financial benefit.
He should be wary of such offers and immediately delete the mail.
He should try to check the authenticity of mails carefully and ensure that he does not divulge any kind of financial details or click suspicious links / attachments from unknown sources.

Ques 58. Raghu got a mail saying ‘Claim your gift of a gold coin’ from a famous jewellery store, out of excitement he had opened the mail, which said click on the following link and fill up details to claim your gift? Do you think Raghu should click the link and claim the gift ?

As it is a good offer, there is no harm if Raghu clicks the link to check if he can claim the gift.
He can call up the Jewellery store and confirm if they have sent the link.
He should never click on the links sent from unknown as they can be phihsing links or links that can download malware on to your system.

Ques 59. Anu’s parents were transferred to Delhi, and later they changed her to a new school. Off late they observed that she was becoming dull and disinterested in things, also she was not sleeping or eating properly and was constantly complaining about having some problem to skip school. What is it that Anu’s parents can suspect and how can they help her?

They can suspect some issues like cyber bullying, that Anu might be facing at her new school. They should sit with her and try to understand the issue and help her in resolving it appropriately by speaking to teachers, students and school authorities.
They can suspect that Anu is not able to adjust to the new location and try to arrange to send her back to her old school.
They can suspect adjustment issues with new place and school and can just wait and watch, to see Anu can over come the issue by tackling it by herself.

Ques 60. You are in a public place and your mother calls you and asks for the credit card password, what do you do?

Tell her the password over the mobile instantly
You will send her an SMS over her personal mobile and ask her to check the same without sharing with anyone.
You will come a little away from the crowd and then tell her the password.




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