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Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Exam Answers

Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Exam Answers

Question.1 What are your target audiences for content marketing campaigns? Choose three options.

  • Media and bloggers
  • Customers and prospects
  • Influencers
  • Search ranking algorithms

Question.2 What are the most important aspects of guest posting? Choose three options.

  • The quality of the sites that you publish on
  • The quality of the content that you create
  • The number of sites you publish on
  • The relevance of the sites that you publish on

Question.3 Why should you collaborate with your marketing and PR departments?

  • To stop them from reaching out to media, bloggers, and influencers so you can do it
  • To show them how to place links in press releases
  • To interview them to get great content to publish
  • To coordinate your outreach efforts to minimize overlap

Question.4 What benefits do sites that publish syndicated content expect to receive? Choose two options.

  • Links from your site
  • Traffic from your site
  • Increases in their organic search traffic
  • Quality content to present to visitors to their site

Question.5 What are the benefits of being interviewed and having those interviews published on third-party websites? Choose three options.

  • It may result in links back to your site.
  • It helps raise your visibility.
  • It helps you rank better, because Google sees interviews as an authority signal for ranking purposes.
  • It helps establish your credibility in the market.

Question.6 What is the most important content type to publish?

  • Research reports
  • There is no ‘most important content type’
  • Articles
  • Videos

Question.7 Why is content-based link building effective?

  • High-ranking pages in Google tend to get more links.
  • Links to content pages are worth more.
  • The more content you publish the higher you rank.
  • The best content on the web tends to attract a lot of links.

Question.8 What are some fundamentals of creating great content? Choose three options.

  • The focus of the content that you produce needs to be on how well you satisfy user needs.
  • Focusing on the high-volume keywords.
  • Creating content with depth and breadth in order to satisfy user needs.
  • Aim to publish content that is more in-depth than your competitors in at least some areas.

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