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CODING FOR DESIGNERS – Gymnasium Certificate Answers


Answer: A closing <p> tag is missing

Answer: <p> tags are the wrong tag to use here

Answer: Sets the background color of any tag with <class=”caption”> to white

Answer: The location or URL of an image file

Answer: The <p> elements automatically have margin-top, which must also be reset T

Answer: TIFF

Answer: Line art and illustrations

Answer: Any typeface that’s licensed for web use

Answer: All of the above

Answer: padding

Answer: font-size

Answer: line-height

Answer: Creates an invisible box that can be styled with CSS

Answer: Styling <a> tags with CSS

Answer: View the CSS being applied to any particular element

Answer: color

Answer: letter-spacing

Answer: text-align

Answer: All of the above

Answer: <ul> and <li> tags

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