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Cisco – Introduction to Cybersecurity Chapter 1 Ethics Quiz Answers

Chapter 1 Ethics Quiz Answers

An employee is at a restaurant with friends and describes an exciting new video game that is under development at the company the employee works for. Is the behavior of the employee ethical or unethical?

Correct! unethical

During a meeting with the Marketing department, a representative from IT discusses features of an upcoming product that will be released next year.

Correct! ethical

An employee points out a design flaw in a new product to the department manager.

Correct! ethical

Alicia, a company employee, has lost her corporate identification badge. She is in a hurry to get to a meeting and does not have time to visit Human Resources to obtain a temporary badge. You lend her your identification badge until she can obtain a replacement.

Correct! unethical

An employee is laid off after fifteen years with the same company. The employee is then hired by another company within a week. In the new company, the employee shares documents and ideas for products that the employee proposed at the original company.

Correct! unethical

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