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Alibaba Cloud Certified Fintech Technical Certificate Quiz/Exam Answers

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Fintech Solution Fundamental Alibaba Quiz Answers

Answer: SSL Certificate

Answer: Anti-DDos

Answer: RAM

Answer: User Registration

Answer: MaxCompute

Answer: True

Answer: True

Answer: True

Answer: True

  • Horizontal splitting
  • Read and Write
  • Data Category
  • Data Recovery
  • System security
  • Merchant Risk
  • internet scaleability
  • System stability
  • Financial stability
  • Enterprise-level complexity
  • Network Layer
  • Access Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Middleware Layer
  • Fraud Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Collection Ratio
  • Green Datacenter
  • Low latency
  • Stability

Cloud-Native Database for FinTech Alibaba Quiz Answers

Answer: Redis

Answer: PolarDB

Answer: Vectorized

Answer: All of the above

Answer: 100TB

Answer: Exchange Rates

Answer: SQL Server

Answer: Oracle

Answer: All of the above

Answer: OLTP stands for Off-line Transactional Processing.

Answer: Non-Primary

Answer: Virtual remote doctor consultation

Answer: 3

Answer: MongoDB

  • Row
  • Column

Data and Application Security for FinTech Alibaba Quiz Answers

Answer: 10 TB

Answer: Bastionhost

Answer: Cloud Secruity

Answer: Anti-DDoS Service

Answer: Data Preprocessing

Answer: Cross-border Network Congestion During DDoS Attacks

Answer: SDDP

Answer: Bastionhost

Answer: SDDP

Answer: SDDP

Answer: Data asset review

Answer: CloudFW

Answer: Encryption at Rest

Answer: Encryption

Answer: 6

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