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Alibaba Cloud Certified Fintech Technical Certificate Quiz/Exam Answers

Get Certificate: Alibaba Cloud Certified Fintech Technical Certificate Quiz/Exam Answers

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Fintech Solution Fundamental Alibaba Quiz Answers

1.Which of the following products can be used to manage security keys on Alibaba Cloud for data encryption and decryption?

Answer: SSL Certificate

2.Which Product can help with Secruity Risk?

Answer: Anti-DDos

3.Which of the following options is used for Alibaba Cloud account management and resource access control?

Answer: RAM

4.Which of the following option is NOT counted as a “User Account Security” concern?

Answer: User Registration

5.Which of the following products can be used in a big data scenario?

Answer: MaxCompute

6.Is it true that buy-now-pay-later  is important for payment experience?

Answer: True

7.Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS service supports ‘Intelligent Traffic Scheduling” which can intelligently learn the service traffic baseline to accurately identify attack traffic and its characteristics.

Answer: True

8.Security Center can be used to protect your ECS servers on Alibaba Cloud from ‘remote unusual logon’ and ‘brute force password cracking’ attacks.

Answer: True

9.Is buy-now-pay-later a type of contextual finance?

Answer: True

10.Which method does Mybank use to split data? (Correct Answers:3)

  • Horizontal splitting
  • Read and Write
  • Data Category

11.Which of the following is a security risk for Double 11? (Correct Answers: 3)

  • Data Recovery
  • System security
  • Merchant Risk

12.What are the challenges of the Double 11 Shopping Festival? (Correct Answers: 4)

  • internet scaleability
  • System stability
  • Financial stability
  • Enterprise-level complexity

13.Which layer does Mybank’s Load Balance serve? (Correct Answers: 4)

  • Network Layer
  • Access Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Middleware Layer

14.Which  of the following is a big data scenerio? (Correct Answers: 3)

  • Fraud Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Collection Ratio

15.Which of the following are the key capabilities used to support Double 11? (Correct Answers: 3)

  • Green Datacenter
  • Low latency
  • Stability

Cloud-Native Database for FinTech Alibaba Quiz Answers

1.Which database engine is not an analytics database?

Answer: Redis

2._____ is not a NoSQL DB.

Answer: PolarDB

3.ADB for PostgreSQL uses what type of execution engine?

Answer: Vectorized

4.Alibaba Cloud provide database services including:

Answer: All of the above

5.What is the maximum storage size supported by PolarDB?

Answer: 100TB

6.Which statement about FinTech challenges is not correct?

Answer: Exchange Rates

7.PolarDB is not supported with:

Answer: SQL Server

8.Which database engine is not available as a managed service in Alibaba Cloud?

Answer: Oracle

9.Data Transmission Service can transmit database in:

Answer: All of the above

10.Which of the following is wrong?

Answer: OLTP stands for Off-line Transactional Processing.

11.Which endpoint is not supported by PolarDB?

Answer: Non-Primary

12.Which is not under the definition of Fintech?

Answer: Virtual remote doctor consultation

13.How many copies of Data Chunks does PolarDB keep?

Answer: 3

14.Which database engine is not a relational database?

Answer: MongoDB

15.What data format does ADB store in?(Number of correct answers:2)

  • Row
  • Column

Data and Application Security for FinTech Alibaba Quiz Answers

1.Anti-DDoS Service can afford how much bandwidth?

Answer: 10 TB

2.Which product can provide MLPS 2.0 operation baseline check?

Answer: Bastionhost

3.Which product can offer protection and operation for infrastructure cloud product?

Answer: Cloud Secruity

4.Mainland China Acceleration belongs to which product?

Answer: Anti-DDoS Service

5.Which stage is adopted encrypted computing environment of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)?

Answer: Data Preprocessing

6.Which issues can be solved by Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS service?

Answer: Cross-border Network Congestion During DDoS Attacks

7.Data Loss Prevention is the main function of which product?

Answer: SDDP

8.Which product can offer multi-asset management?

Answer: Bastionhost

9.Which product can be adopted to protect sensitive data?

Answer: SDDP

10.Which one can offer central management and monitoring for scattered data assets?

Answer: SDDP

11.What is needed to be done before data security lifecycle protection?

Answer: Data asset review

12.Which product can offer intranet isolation?

Answer: CloudFW

13.Which one is not included in encryption in motion?

Answer: Encryption at Rest

14.Which function is not included in Bastionhost?

Answer: Encryption

15.How many stages are involved in a data security lifecycle?

Answer: 6

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