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The Greatest Stargazing Internship |Internshala 1-day Fully Sponsored Internships

About the Campaign :

The campaign features a fully sponsored stargazing internship where the participants will have an opportunity to learn about the night sky and get an in-depth understanding of the field of astronomy while observing the vastness of the universe.

You need to register above, after which you can apply to the internships from 28th February. 

No matter what your interests are, this is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. So, get ready to apply for the greatest internship ever because the sky is the limit this time!

Main Highlights of the Program :

A fully sponsored expedition :

From travel, accommodation, and meals to delivering the most unique learning, all the expenses are on the house!

See beyond the stars:

Feast your eyes on the Milky Way, constellations, and many cosmic beauties as you will receive guidance from experienced stargazers!

Make space for your best friend:

You can win a chance to take a friend along, so let’s teleport you two to the greatest stargazing internship!

Early entry and exciting rewards worth INR 15,000 :

An exclusive application window to increase your chances and exciting rewards worth INR 15,000 are waiting for you!

Eligibility :

The internship is open to anyone with an interest in stargazing, regardless of prior experience and educational background. This internship is perfect for anyone who is passionate about the night sky and wants to learn more about astronomy

Location :

As cities grow and become busier, the opportunities to gaze up at starry skies have become limited. Thankfully, there are destinations where light pollution is purposely limited to provide ample opportunities for you to feast your eyes on the Milky Way at night.

It will be an overnight expedition that will take place in a secluded and beautiful location

Selection Process :

Based on your application and resume submitted, you would be shortlisted for the internship. After shortlisting, you would then be contacted for a further interview round!


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