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The Business of Social Coursera Quiz Answers

The Business of Social Coursera Quiz Answers

Week 1: Quiz 1 – Social Media Marketing Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: When considering data generated through our use of social sites, which of the following statements about “privacy” concerns is/are accurate? Check all that apply.

  • Privacy involves concerns over whether personal data provided by users is safe and secure within your site.
  • Privacy involves concerns that the relationships we are developing on social are controlled by us and used in appropriately by community managers.
  • Privacy involves the concern of the individual that the information and behavioral data they have supplied is used appropriately by you.
  • Privacy involves concerns from users who feel they need to provide more personal information to you.

Question 2: In discussing security, privacy, and governance, Seth Redmore discussed “progressive profiling.” Which of the following statements is an attributes of “progressive profiling”?

  • Progressive profiling involves an exchange of value between a company and consumer, such as name and email from the consumer resulting in a free white paper from the company.
  • Progressive profiling involves a government or territory monitoring companies on social based on their size and worth.
  • Progressive profiling involves a company taking user behavior and information, running analytics on it, and selling leads to another company.
  • Progressive profiling involves interaction between a company and government and territories, and the varying laws that differ from place to place.

Question 3: Which of the following members of an organization are security professionals who already have an open dialogue with the Board or CEO on data security?

  • Protectors
  • Influencers
  • Reactors
  • Representatives

Week 2: Quiz 2 – Social Media Marketing Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which of the following would be included in a fully integrated marketing plan? Choose all that apply.

  • Promotions
  • Content syndication
  • Direct Response
  • Social

Question 2: When using metrics to measure success in social, which of the following would be most appropriate for measuring the success of the content syndication of a video? Choose one.

  • Cost per complete view
  • Raw number or views or shares.
  • Measuring the cost for a click
  • Measuring return on investment

Question 3: What is a present-day framework that explains the current engagement ecosystem, including insight into how social engagement can play an active role?

  • Loyalty Loop
  • Customer Engagement Engine
  • The Customer Decision Journey
  • AIDA Model, or “The Funnel”

Question 4: The metric for Amplification measures what?

  • A measure of viral reach or how much your content has inspired your social audience to share it
  • Number of comments or replies per post
  • Overall engagement rate
  • A measure of how appealing your post is

Question 5: What are performance funnels?

  • Performance funnels track a company’s success in securing customer data and performance behavior.
  • Performance funnels track the consumer journey from total market to product purchase.
  • Performance funnels track the number of to clicks that result in shares.
  • Performance funnels track the price per click.

Week 4: Quiz 3 – Social Media Marketing Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which of the following steps are involved in developing your budget? Choose all that apply.

  • Create performance funnels and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Determine your marketing channels and costs.
  • Determine your technology costs.
  • Develop your staffing costs.

Question 2: What indicates success has been achieved when calculating the marketing return on investment (MROI) of a program?

  • The MROI is a negative number.
  • The MROI is zero, meaning break even.
  • The MROI is over 100%
  • The MROI is 50% or better.

Question 3: What are the benefits of a pilot program for a social marketing strategy? Choose all that apply.

  • It’s a way to convince skeptical senior management to at least try the program to see its benefits.
  • A pilot program allows you to gauge action performance and make adjustments to the program before you commit to a plan.
  • Pilots help to position your company’s community contribution in the minds of your high value market.
  • Pilots help identify the risks of the program.

Question 4: Which of the following methods assist is developing a pilot project? Choose all that apply.

  • Reduce the scope of the original plan.
  • Reduce the timing of the program.
  • Increase the budget of your original plan.
  • Reduce the breadth or reach of the program.

Question 5: Testing different types of media to determine the ones which reach your target markets in an efficient and effective way is known as ______?

  • Return on investment
  • Maturity modeling
  • Maximizing market share
  • Social pyramid

Question 6: Which of the following tips should you follow to keep your communities alive and growing on social? Choose all that apply.

  • Keep testing performance funnels
  • Monitor influencer reactions and community feedback.
  • Involve your influencers and community members
  • Monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) every day.
  • Constantly develop and deploy new content.

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