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Selenium Automation Testing Free Course with Free Certificate

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HI Learners, so LambdaTest Is offering JUnit Certification Program on Selenium Automation Testing for everyone out there in the world who wishes to become Selenium Automation Tester.With JUnit certification, you can challenge your skills in performing automated testing with JUnit and take your career to the next level.

Table of Contents

What you need to know before applying :

  • Know-how about JUnit 4 and JUnit 5.
  • Use Annotations and Assertions in JUnit.
  • Implement Automation testing using different Web Locators using Selenium and JUnit.
  • Run automation tests through different data-driven test mechanisms in JUnit.
  • Perform cross browser testing in parallel with JUnit and Selenium.

Learning Material :

  • Setup JUnit Environment For Your First Test
  • Automated Testing With JUnit And Selenium
  • How to run JUnit tests from command line
  • JUnit Parameterized Test For Selenium Automation
  • JUnit Assertions for Selenium Automation Testing
  • Tutorial On JUnit Annotations In Selenium
  • How to execute JUnit 4 tests with JUnit 5

Exam Details :

  • The Assessment has 2 rounds.
  • Round 1: 45 MCQs in 45 minutes.
  • Round 2: Assignment Task (deadline-based).
  • 50% weightage for each round.
  • 70% of the cumulative score is required to be certified.
  • Price: Free (no credit card required).
  • The issued certificate will be valid for 2 years.

Sample Certificate :

LambdaTest Certificate


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