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Project Management Certification Answers

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What is the primary purpose of a Project Charter?

Define Project Scope
Assign Project Tasks
Monitor Project Progress
Close the Project
Which project management process involves defining and documenting project roles and responsibilities?

Monitoring and Controlling
What is the critical path in project scheduling?

Shortest Path to Project Completion
Longest Path to Project Completion
Path with Most Activities
Path with Least Dependencies

In Risk Management, what is a Mitigation Strategy?

Accepting the Risk
Transferring the Risk
Reducing the Impact or Probability
Ignoring the Risk

What does the acronym RAID stand for in Project Management?

Risk, Activity, Issue, Dependency
Resource, Assignment, Issue, Deadline
Risk, Assumption, Issue, Dependency
Resource, Activity, Issue, Dependency

What is the purpose of a Gantt Chart in Project Management?

Cost Estimation
Resource Allocation
Schedule Visualization
Risk Assessment

What is the purpose of a Stakeholder Analysis?

Identify Project Risks
Assess Project Team Performance
Understand and Manage Stakeholder Expectations
Develop Project Schedules
Which Project Management document outlines the project’s approach, objectives, and deliverables?

Project Charter
Project Plan
Risk Register
Stakeholder Register

What is the purpose of a “Change Control Process” in Project Management?

Reject All Changes
Document and Manage Changes to Project Scope
Expedite Project Completion
Minimize Stakeholder Involvement

What is a milestone in Project Management?

Routine Project Activity
Significant Point or Event in a Project
Project Completion
Project Closure Document

What is the purpose of a lessons learned document in Project Management?

Evaluate Team Performance
Archive Project Artifacts
Record Project Successes and Failures for Future Projects
Replace the Project Plan

What is the primary purpose of a “kick-off meeting” in Project Management?

Celebrate Project Completion
Introduce Team Members
Initiate the Project and Align Team Members
Conduct a Project Review

What does the PERT technique stand for in project management?

Project Evaluation and Review Technique
Program Evaluation and Reporting Technique
Project Execution and Resource Tracking
Project Enhancement and Risk Tracking

In Project Management, what is a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

A Document Outlining Project Risks
A Hierarchical Decomposition of the Total Scope of Work to be Carried Out
A Schedule Showing Project Milestones
A Tool for Risk Identification

What is the purpose of a Project Status Report?

Documenting Project Risks
Communicating Project Progress to Stakeholders
Assigning Tasks to Team Members
Closing the Project

What is the role of a Project Sponsor?

Execute Project Tasks
Provide Resources and Support
Develop the Project Plan
Monitor Project Risks

What is the purpose of the “closing phase” in Project Management?

Introduce the Project
Archive Project Artifacts
Assess Project Risks
Hand Over Deliverables, Obtain Customer Acceptance, and Close the Project

What is the Critical Path Method (CPM) used for in Project Management?

Resource Allocation
Schedule Compression
Schedule Analysis to Determine the Project Duration
Risk Identification
What is a project baseline?

Initial Project Schedule
Project Risk Register
Completed Project
Project Charter

In Project Management, what does RACI stand for?

Risk Assessment and Control Index
Resource Allocation and Communication Interface
Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
Rapid Assessment of Critical Issues

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