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Network Security Specialist – Fundamentals of Firewalls Quiz Answers

Question: What type of firewall requires client applications to be authorised to connect?

  • Screened gateway
  • Stateful packet inspection
  • Dual homed
  • Application gateway

Question: Which of the following is a combination of firewalls?

  • Screened firewalls
  • Router based firewalls
  • Dual homed firewalls
  • Bastion host firewalls

Question: Which of the following is an advantage of the network host based configuration?

  • It is resistant to IP spoofing
  • It is inexpensive or free
  • It is more secure
  • It has user authentication

Question: Which of the following can be shipped preconfigured?

  • Stateful packet inspection firewalls
  • Network host-based firewalls
  • Router-based firewalls
  • Dual-homed firewalls

Question: What is the most important security advantage to NAT

  • It blocks incoming ICMP packets
  • It hides internal network addresses
  • It blocks all ICMP packets
  • By default allows only outbound connections

Question: Which of the following commands will list the current iptables rules?

  • iptables -F
  • iptables -S
  • iptables -L
  • iptables -D

Question: Which type of firewall is considered the most secure?

  • Dual-homed
  • Stateful packet inspection
  • Circuit level gateway
  • Packet screening

Question: What is a device that hides its internal IP addresses called?

  • Screened host
  • Bastion firewall
  • Proxy server
  • Dual homed host

Question: Why  a stateful packet inspection firewall is less susceptible to spoofing attacks?

  • It examines the source IP of all packets
  • It automatically blocks spoofed packets
  • It requires user authentication
  • It requires client application authentication

Question: Which of the following are four basic types of Firewalls?

  • Screening, bastion, dual-home, circuit level
  • Application gateway, bastion, dual-homed, screening
  • Packet filtering, application gateway, circuit level, stateful packet inspection
  • Stateful packet inspection, gateway, bastion, screening

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