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ISRO Free Certificate | ISRO -IIRS Free Program

ISRO Free Certificate | ISRO -IIRS Free Program

So ISRO has launched a new program 75th IIRS online Certificate Course on “Geoinformatics for Disaster Management”.

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, Government of India announces:
The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering , SAKEC in association with IETE-SAKEC student chapter is organizing 75th IIRS online Certificate Course on “Geoinformatics for Disaster Management” from April 5th to April 16th 2021 with SAKEC as the remote centre.

About The Course:

In the Indian sub-continent nearly a billion people suffer yearly from natural and man-made disasters. Rapid population growth, unprecedented development, combined with climatic variations and a complex geoenvironmental setting contribute to the increasing effect of disasters. In recent times India has witnessed large scale disasters such as frequent floods in the Indo-Gangetic and Brahmaputra plains, cyclones on the east and west coast, earthquakes of Bhuj, Kashmir, Sikkim, severe flooding in many cities of India such as Mumbai, Chennai etc., small scale hazards such as landslides in the Himalayan range, forest fire, soil erosion and desertification. Disasters cause wide-spread human, material and environmental losses that exceed the capability of communities to cope up without external relief. Although the natural disasters cannot be prevented fully, their impact can be minimized with sound disaster management strategy aided by latest technological developments.
Advanced techniques like Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems, if integrated with Geographic information Systems, can provide valuable information on earth surface features and processes involved. Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS and allied spatial technologies) offer a powerful suite of converging technologies to create maps, integrate information, visualize scenarios, solve complex problems and develop effective solutions.

The role of Geoinformatics in Disaster Management can be summarized as below:
In general Remote Sensing provides data which can be interpreted and analyzed to produce hazard, vulnerability and risk maps, that have immense value in any kind of activities related to disaster management.

Secondly many types of disasters have precursors, which can be detected at an early stage by orbiting satellites, and can be used for the prediction of both rapid and slow disasters.

When a disaster occurs, the aerospace media provides quickest mode of information collection and can be utilized for monitoring during the event.
Geoinformatics can assist in damage assessment and aftermath monitoring, providing a quantitative base for relief operations.
It can be used for main streaming disaster risk reduction in development planning.
Last but not least, it can address climate change/variability and sustainable developmentissues.

The course duration is from April 5th to April 16th 2021. There will be Online session each day followed by an interactive session

AWARD OF CERTIFICATE : Online examination will be conducted for all course participants attending the course. Fulfillment of criteria of qualifying marks in the exam as well as a minimum attendance are mandatory for the award of the course certificate.

Programme can be received through Internet connectivity of 2Mbps or better using IIRS E-CLASS platform. Following hardware and software set-up is required at user end:

  • Computer/Laptop (Windows OS)
  • Good quality web camera
  • Headphone with Microphone
  • Speaker

Registration :

There is no registration fee. As the seats are limited, the registration shall be done on first come, first serve basis.

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