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Inbound and Outbound  Certification – Inbound and Outbound Marketing MCQ (Muliple Choice Questions) | The Digital ADDA

Inbound and Outbound  Certification – Inbound and Outbound Marketing MCQ (Muliple Choice Questions) | The Digital ADDA

Outbound marketing involves proactively reaching out to consumers to get them interested in a product. By contrast, inbound marketing centers on creating and distributing content that draws people into your website. Content comes in interactive forms, such as social media posts, blogs, reports, webinars, etc.The quiz below will help shed some light on that. Do give it a shot and see what new facts you may learn about this emerging concept in business.


Inbound and Outbound marketing

Ques 1 : Which of the following is not a typical Inbound Marketing tactic?

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Content Creation
  3. Lead Nurturing
  4. PPC

Ques 2: Showing one version of content on a URL to search engines, and a different one to humans is called

  1. Cloaking
  2. Trapping
  3. Swapping
  4. Phising

Ques 3 : Which of the following is true about Blogs and Wikis?

  1. Blog is an advanced form of wiki
  2. Wiki is centered around one person, while blog is many to many
  3. Blog is centered around one person, while wiki is many to many
  4. Blogs have comments while wikis do not

Ques 4 : Which of the following technologies was not present in Web 1.0?

  1. Flash
  2. HTML
  3. Ajax
  4. PHP

Ques 5 :What does SMART stand for in SMART goal?

  1. Source, Measurable, Attractive, Relevant and Timely.
  2. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.
  3. Sustainable, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.
  4. Source, Medium, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Ques 6:  Fill in the blank: Before you can identify the buyer’s journey, you need to first know your ____________.

  1. bandwidth to create content
  2. average sales lifecycle
  3. buyer personas
  4. team’s resources

Ques 7:  What’s an example of a specific topic?

  1. Marketing automation strategies
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Paid media
  4. A and B

Ques 8 : On average, how many touches or content interactions does it take to generate a sales qualified lead?

  1. 4-5
  2. 1-2
  3. 6-8
  4. 2-3

Ques 9 : What is the definition of lead nurturing?

  1. The process of building relationships with prospects with the goal of earning their business when they’re ready
  2. A marketing effort focused on engaging with only your leads in a way that encourages them to progress toward a specific action
  3. A marketing effort focused on engaging with your leads and customers in a way that encourages them to progress toward multiple actions at the same time
  4. A sales effort focused on engaging with your warm leads in a way that encourages them to progress toward a purchase

Ques 10 : What are the steps to implementing a conversational growth strategy?

  1. Think, Plan, Grow
  2. Think, Plan, Implement
  3. Think, Grow, Optimize
  4. Chat, Think, Grow

Ques : 11 What does CRM stand for?

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Common Response Match
  3. Cost Reduction Management
  4. Core Rival Market

Ques 12:  What is the definition of “Primacy Effect”?

  1. People tend to avoid sales pitches and advertisements
  2. People tend to make their purchase decisions on impulse
  3. People tend to ask many questions during sales pitches
  4. People tend to remember the first things they hear/read

Ques 13 : What is the key point to emphasize when recommending a product to a prospect?

  1. How much the prospect will pay for the product
  2. How advanced the technology is behind the product
  3. How many in his/her network would be interested
  4. How the product solves his/her pain points

Ques 14 : When making phone calls you should:

  1. Identify yourself.
  2. All of these
  3. Ask to speak with the department that can help you.
  4. Identify the purpose of your call.

Ques 15: Providing the best possible customer service and building customer loyalty are traits of what type of selling?

  1. Team
  2. Direct
  3. Solution
  4. Relationship

Ques 16 : Telling a customer that prices will increase in the coming week is a __________.

  1. deal close
  2. direct close
  3. time-driven close
  4. qualifying close

Ques 17  : True or false? When making a sales call you should always do most of the talking.

  1. True
  2. False

Ques 18 : What is upselling?

  1. Emphasizing the quality of a product
  2. None of these
  3. Selling a customer premium upgrades
  4. Moving a qualified lead up the chain of command

Ques 19 : The process of calling potential clients without an introduction is called _________.

  1. cold calling
  2. guerilla calling
  3. blank calling
  4. ambush calling

Ques 20  : What do you call the pre-sales activity of identifying potential customers and their willingness to pay?

  1. Prospecting
  2. Project Review
  3. Margin Calculation
  4. Pareto Analysis

Ques 21 : An acceptable closing outcome from a customer meeting can be another meeting?

  1. True
  2. False

Ques 22 : What is the best time to call the customer’s home?

  1. Call them according to your time zone.
  2. You can call them anytime you want as you need to complete your job.
  3. Do not call a customer’s home before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM, unless they’ve given you permission to do so.
  4. You can start calling at 6:00 AM the soonest and 11:00 PM the latest.

Ques 23: The first step of sales is to __________.

  1. understand customer needs
  2. to negotiate prices with the customer
  3. to pitch the customer
  4. present the customer with the product

Ques 24 : True or false? You should never follow up a cold email with a phone call.

  1. True
  2. False

Ques 25 : Which of the following is MOST effective for a buyer with an analytical personality type?

  1. Quick deadlines
  2. Detailed explanations
  3. Recognition and Praise
  4. Conflict Avoidance

Ques 26 : To build a sustainable business, which of the following should a salesperson invest the most efforts in?

  1. Getting the customer to sign a contract
  2. Establishing a long-term relationship with the customer
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Pitching customers the product’s feature

Ques 27 : When first engaging with a prospect, it is best to use _______ questions.

  1. open-ended
  2. financial
  3. close-ended
  4. simple

QUES 28 : When qualifying your prospect, how can you test to determine how engaged he/she is with you?

  1. Create a mutually agreed followup action plan
  2. Agreeing to a purchase or billable event
  3. Giving you the contact info of the decision maker
  4. (All of these)

Ques 29: The process of helping a customer reach their strategic goals is what type of selling?

  1. Personal
  2. Consultative
  3. Direct
  4. Cold

Ques 30 : What is needed for an effective sales process?

  1. Lots of money buy a big list of prospects
  2. Really understaning what segments your customers belong to
  3. Making sure the team knows how improve their sales calls

Ques 31 : Why is the inbound methodology represented as a circle?

  1. The circle represents the buyer’s journey.
  2. The circle represents the funnel that drives your business.
  3. The circle represents a power source for your company.
  4. The circle represents the flywheel that drives your company’s growth.

Ques 32 : What is the inbound marketing equivalent to “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Email, email, email
  2. Link, link, link
  3. Create, create, create
  4. All of the Above

Ques 33 : The most important parts of a conversion strategy are:

  1. Social Media Marketing, Networking and Content Creation
  2. Calls to Action, Offers and Landing Pages
  3. SEO, SEM and SMM
  4. Inbound Links, Traffic Rank and Blogging

Ques 34 : A company “A” has aggregated audience on email by creating opt-in forms on the website. They send out weekly emailers to all the audience. But they are not able to generate sufficient leads. What could be the most probable reason?

  1. They are not including appropriate call to actions in the emails they are sending
  2. They are not giving option to unsubscribe.
  3. The traffic on their website is irrelevant.
  4. The Audience they have aggregated are not relevant for their business.

Ques : 35 : Which of the following apps are used send drip campaigns?

  1. All of these
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Benchmark Email
  4. AWeber

Ques 36 : A company “C” did a survey and find out the its website visitors are not getting the clarity on what they provide. What do you think can do done?

  1. Add a link “About our products”
  2. Add products Screenshots/Videos
  3. All of these
  4. Add a detailed explanation on “who we are?” and “what we do?” on the same page

Ques 37 : Which of these Customer Insights are not true?

  1. Majority is not ready to buy it yet
  2. People don’t want to think
  3. Majority is risk averse
  4. People like clean and smooth interface

Ques 38 : What are the various ways to minimize risk perception on the Landing Page?

  1. Create Familiarity
  2. All of these
  3. Show Social Proof
  4. Address concerns on extra costs, refunds etc.

Ques 39 : What should be the length of a landing page?

  1. It should always be short and with no scroll down option.
  2. It should always be long
  3. If you are generating leads, it should be small. If you are selling product, it should be large.
  4. Can’t say

Ques 40 : Which of the following can be classified as “Conversion” for an organization looking for increase in online sales?

  1. A user doing spam complaint
  2. A user clicking on “Unsubscribe” button
  3. A user clicking on Company’s Ad.
  4. A visitor bouncing off from the website.

Ques 41 : A Company “B” wishes to sell low cost cell phones through landing pages. Which is a better option to communicate their value proposition?

  1. Give detailed explanation on “Why their cell-phone is cheapest in the market?”
  2. Show the photos of iphone 5s to attract attention and add a tag line “Low cost Cell-phones, available”
  3. Talk about all the top reasons why users buy cell phones including the price factor.
  4. Mention “Low cost cell phones” as headlines and add high quality photos of low cost cell phones

Ques 42 : A company “A” created a landing page to offer free discount coupons, but users are just not providing contact details. What could be the possible reasons?

  1. Risk of Being on an Email List
  2. Too many fields in the form
  3. Irrelevant Coupons
  4. All of these

Ques 43 : Which of the following cannot be categorized in Audience Aggregation?

  1. Receiving 100,000 visitors on website every month
  2. Creating Page on Facebook and generate 100,000 likes.
  3. Create twitter following of 100,000 followers
  4. None of these

Ques 44 : Which distribution channel is the most stable for business usage?

  1. Facebook
  2. Email
  3. Whats’ App
  4. Twitter

Ques 45 : What does CTA stand for?

  1. Customer Targeted Ad
  2. Customer Targeting Action
  3. Call To Action
  4. Conversion Time Action

Ques 46 : Which of the channels can be used for audience aggregation?

  1. Setting up new Community site
  2. Existing Discussion Forms on the web
  3. Search Engine
  4. Online Portal in relevant domain

Ques 47 : Which of the following can be achieved through Drip Email Marketing?

  1. Build Trust
  2. Sell Opportunity
  3. Familiarize with your product or service
  4. All of these

Ques 48 : A company “A” want to generate leads for landing page optimization tool through landing page. They want to communicate “What is it?” on the landing page. What would you recommend to them?

  1. Ask users to take the Demo
  2. Ask users to talk to support team and get further details
  3. Create a short video, highlighting how business will use it and get benefits from it.
  4. Give 100% Money Back Guarantee and ask users to signup for the main product

Ques 49 : Which of these Reach Building Techniques are not a part of ‘Inbound Marketing’ ?

  1. Nurturing Leads to Sales
  2. Awareness Building
  3. Lead Harvesting
  4. Audience Aggregation

Ques 50 : Which step of the Marketing Funnel was absent from the old Broadcast routes?

  1. Preference
  2. Awareness
  3. Advocacy
  4. Action



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