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IIT Guwahati Advanced Computer Architecture Free Course with Certificate | IIT Certificate – Apply Now

IIT Guwahati Advanced Computer Architecture Free Course with Certificate | IIT Certificate – Apply Now

Duration :8 weeks
Start Date :21 Feb 2022
End Date :15 Apr 2022
Exam Date :24 Apr 2022 IST
Enrollment Ends :21 Feb 2022
Category :Computer Science and Engineering

Applications and handheld devices play a major role in ensuring comfort in our day- today life. These applications run on handheld electronic gadgets with high-end microprocessor support. Modern CPU designers handle challenges imposed by these applications with cost effective architectural enhancements. This course provides a deeper insight into the design of high-end microprocessors that will support the future applications.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone in CSE and related fields (like ECE, EEE, IT etc.) with an interest of exploring Computer Architecture PREREQUISITES: A basic understanding of Computer Organisation and Architecture or Microprocessors

INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Intel, AMD, IBM, Nvidia etc.

Course layout :

Week 1: Review of Basic Computer Organization, Performance Evaluation Methods, Introduction to RISC Instruction Pipeline, Instruction Pipeline and Performance.

Week 2: Pipeline Hazards and Analysis, Branch Prediction, MIPS Pipeline for Multi-Cycle Operations.

Week 3: Compiler Techniques to Explore Instruction Level Parallelism, Dynamic Scheduling with Tomasulo’s Algorithm and Speculative Execution.

Week 4: Advanced Pipelining and Superscalar Processors, Exploiting Data Level Parallelism: Vector and GPU Architectures, Architectural Simulation using gem5.

Week 5: Introduction to Cache Memory, Block Replacement Techniques and Write Strategy, Design Concepts in Cache Memory.

Week 6: Basic and Advanced Optimization Techniques in Cache Memory, Cache Optimization using gem5.

Week 7: Introduction to DRAM System, DRAM Controllers and Address Mapping, Secondary Storage Systems, Design Concepts in DRAM and Hard Disk.

Week 8: Tiled Chip Multicore Processors(TCMP), Routing Techniques in Network on Chip(NoC), NoC Router Microarchitecture, TCMP and NoC: Design and Analysis, Future Trends in Computer Architecture Research.


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