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Hindi Mein Sikhe MS Excel Ke Upyogi Formulas -MS Excel Free Course in Hindi

Are you struggling to understand Microsoft Excel’s nuances and feeling under pressure to become proficient with something that is widely used in today’s organisations, schools, and workplaces? 

Excel skills become more than simply a box to tick in a world where businesses and organisations appreciate them; they become your path to professional growth. Almost every business uses Microsoft Excel for tasks such as sales tracking, purchases, expenses, basic accounting, and more. Learning Excel is crucial for working professionals.

About the Course:

This Excel course in Hindi aims to help individuals broaden their skills with MS Excel and make them more proficient in using this essential tool in the professional world.

The main objective of the MS Excel tutorial in Hindi is to introduce students to the theory and practical aspects of Excel in a simple and easy way. From this course, you will learn the techniques of MS Excel which will significantly enhance your daily tasks. Apart from this, you will also gain an understanding of advanced tools like Pivot, Macros, Sensitivity Analysis and Solver.

Intended Participants: Anyone interested in mastering basic to advanced Excel techniques should take this free Excel course in Hindi with them.


Topic 1: Introduction to Excel

  • Explore efficient ways to find and utilize multiple buttons, tabs, and menus essential for your tasks. 
  • Gain insight into the functions of each ribbon tab, locate specific commands, and learn the proper utilization of various features.

Topic 2: Data Validation

  • Learn to use data validation to ensure that your data is correct and follows established rules.
  • Learn how to create your own criteria to verify and enhance the accuracy of your data through custom data validation.

Topic 3: Understand Various Functions

  • Explore various common functions like sum, average, min, rank, filter, etc.
  • Learn to use the IF function for logical value comparisons.
  • Understanding how SUMIF and named ranges in Excel can help with targeted data analysis and make formulas easier to understand.
  • Explore the VLOOKUP function, which locates data by searching a table and returning a value in the same row from another column.
  • Understand how to use financial functions such as PV and PMT to evaluate investments.
  • Learn text functions to format and transform data into specific text formats and explore their applications.
  • Learn to perform various calculations and manipulations with dates and times.

Topic 4: Charts & Pivot Tables 

  • Learn to present your data in charts for effective data presentation.
  • Explore how to enhance information by formatting it with Pivot Tables.
  • Understand how to apply filters, data slicers, and timelines.

Topic 5: Understand Macros

  • Learn how to record and use the macros.
  • Explore loop macro, excel macro, for next loop and nested do while loop in this advanced Excel course in Hindi.

Topic 6: Explore Solver

  • Understand how to perform What-If analysis using Goal Seek
  • Explore the Solver tool, which helps you display a variety of results like maximum, minimum, and exact values in the target or result cell.
  • Learn to minimize costs using a solver.

Topic 7: Understand Using Sensitivity Analysis

  • This Excel tutorial in Hindi will also help you assess how changes impact input with sensitivity analysis in Excel with one variable and two variables.

What Will You Learn In Hindi MS Excel Full Course?

  • Gain an understanding of Excel’s fundamental to advanced formulas and functions to handle and analyse data efficiently.
  • Explore several formulas, such as mathematical, statistical, text, date and time, data validation, lookup, and logical functions.
  • Learn how to analyze investments using financial functions, including PV & PMT.
  • Automate repetitive tasks with macros.
  • Learn how to use the Solver function to determine the maximum or minimum value of one cell by modifying the values of other cells.
  • Learn how to perform sensitivity analysis, which will help you to see what the desired outcome of the financial model would be under various circumstances.
  • Learn how to enhance data by formatting it with Pivot Tables.

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