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Great Learning Academy Free Certificate Courses free

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Categry 1: Data Sciece

Course 1: Introduction to R
Course 2: Statistical Methods for Decision Making
Course 3: Predictive Modeling and Analytics
Course 4: Data Visualization using Tableau

Category 2: Machine Learning

Course 1: Python for Machine Learning
Course 2: Data Visualization using Python
Course 3: Statistics for Machine Learning
Course 4: Machine Learning Foundations
Course 5: Python for Machine Learning in Hindi

Category 3: Artificial Intelligence

Course 1: Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Course 2: Computer Vision Essentials

Category 4: IT & Software

Course 1: Introduction to Full Stack Development
Course 2: Introduction to Information Security
Course 3: Data Structures & Algorithms in Java
Course 4: Python Programming in Hindi
Course 5: Java Programming
Course 6: Java Programming in Hindi
Course 7: Excel for Beginners
Course 8: Introduction to Programming
Course 9: Introduction to Cyber Security
Course 10: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Course 11: Front End Development – HTML
Course 12: Front End Development – CSS
Course 13: Blockchain Basics

Category 5: Cloud Computing

Course 1: Cloud Foundations
Course 12: Microsoft Azure Essentials

Category 6: Marketing and Finance

Course 1: Financial Risk Analytics
Course 2: Marketing and Retail Analytics
Course 3: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Course 4: Business Finance Foundations
Course 5: Marketing Foundations
Course 6: Marketing: Strategic Framework
Course 7: Marketing 4 P’s : Pricing
Course 8: Marketing 4 P’s : Product
Course 9: Marketing 4 P’s : Channel Management (Place)
Course 10: Marketing 4 P’s : Marketing communication (Promotion)

Category 7: Big Data

Course 1: Mastering Big Data Analytics
Course 2: Getting Started : Hadoop
Course 3: Introduction to Apache Hive
Course 4: Spark Basics and Streaming
Course 5: Introduction to Apache Kafka
Course 6: Introduction to Hadoop 3.0
Course 7: Introduction to Advanced Spark


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