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Google Pay Goa Event Quiz Answers

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Google Pay Go India Goa Event Quiz Answers :

Answer 1: Arpora Night Market
Answer 2: Chapra Fort
Answer 3: Kukum Juice
Answer 4: Curries
Answer 5: Never Install Any Such Software Or App
Answer 6: Se Cathedral
Answer 7: District
Answer 8: 2
Answer 9: Dudhsagar Fall

Answer 10: Gokarna
Answer 11: Calangute Beach
Answer 12: District

Google Pay Goa Quiz Answers:

Answer: Chapora Fort

Answer: Kokum juice

Answer: Se Cathedral

Answer: Gokarna beach

Answer: Never Install any such software or app

Answer: Dudhsagar Falls

Answer: Arpora Night Market

Answer: Curries

Answer: 2

Answer: Gokarna

Answer: Calangute Beach

Answer: District

Goa Quiz Answers Google Pay, Goa Event Answers Google Pay

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