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Google Mobile Experience Certification Exam Answers

Google Mobile Experience Certification Exam Answers

Google Marketing Platform product certifications identify qualified users who demonstrate the ability to perform critical tasks and workflows with Platform products. This certification exam is designed for users with hands-on experience, and will test on specific predetermined criteria aligned with critical job tasks.

About this exam

Demonstrate your mastery of driving growth with mobile experiences. This exam tests knowledge across a broad range of topics related to mobile user experience. Users completing this exam should have a familiarity with mobile as an acquisition channel and understand its role in online behavior.

By earning the Google Ads Drive Growth with Mobile Certification, Google Recognizes your ability to:

  • Assess the impact of user experience beyond the click
  • Collaborate with key partners to build a more user-focused organization
  • Describe the core components and value of conversion rate optimization
  • Explain the role marketers play in ensuring fast mobile experiences
  • Explain the role marketers play in creating a seamless user experience
  • Implement best practices to increase personalization in the user experience on mobile

Here are the 100% correct questions and answers :

1) Famke is the marketer for She’s patterned the design of her web site after, a successful competitor’s site. Sales from the site haven’t been as successful as she hoped. She’s asking you for advice to improve the marketing effectiveness of her web site.

What advice would you give to Famke to make her site more successful?

  • Add a PCI-compliant payment gateway to bolster user confidence in site security.
  • Remove all flash content and switch fully to HTML5.
  • Enhance the search feature of the site with full text searching.
  • Focus on providing a seamless experience for users.

2)Patrick works as a marketer at Petonix, a business comprised of marketing, development, designer, and leadership teams. Amir and the other teams have instructions to work from the same standards and to follow the same principles.

Why is it important that all teams at a user-focused organization work from the same standards and follow the same principles?

  • To make sure branding consistency and minimize errors
  • So that the teams can collaborate on leadership efforts
  • To create diverse strategies within each individual team
  • So that all teams can handle user feedback

3)Susie is the business owner of GooeyChewy. Susie knows how important conversion rate optimization is, but she’s limited with her time. Susie has learned that, by deciding what to test and in what order, the PIE framework can help her to prioritize her time.

Which of the following criteria belong to the PIE framework?

  • Performance, Inspection, and Evaluation
  • Production, Interest, and Engagement
  • Presentation, Indicators, and Estimation
  • Potential, Importance, and Ease

4)Harold is the marketer for, an online school for exceptional kids. The site isn’t meeting revenue goals. The president of the company is upset and wants a solution right away. Harold suspects the site isn’t as user-friendly as it could be. Google Analytics shows that exit rates are high. Harold would like to better understand how users move through the website.

Which category of Google Analytics reports can give Harold that information?

  • Model comparison reports
  • Behavior reports
  • Attribution reports
  • Flow visualization reports

5) Charles is determined to reshape their business, KindMind, into a user-focused organization.

Which of the following is a key characteristic of a user-focused organization?

  • Having each team measure different key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Having the marketer take sole responsibility of making user-centric design
  • Creating a continuous cycle of listening to users, testing and iterating
  • Investing heavily in developer resources

6) Daniel is the lead marketer for, an international freight company. Their dev team has implemented several personalization features in the site. Before the changes go live, they’d like to test the effectiveness of the new personalization features.

What Google service can easily test the changes on, an international freight company?

  • Google Analytics 360
  • Optimize 360
  • Google Site Testing
  • Data Studio

7) Fred is explaining to their client, Foodoko, that the user journey is a complex one when it comes to creating a conversion.

Which phases of the user journey does what’s described as the “messy middle” include?

  • The initial search and exploration phase
  • The exploration and evaluation phase
  • The exploration and action phase
  • The evaluation and action phase

8) Elliott is the owner of a user-focused organization called MissionFlow. Elliott wants to encourage cross-functional collaboration between the teams at MissionFlow.

Which question is suitable to ask to encourage cross-functional collaboration between MissionFlow’s teams?

  • Do the website and app both deliver high-quality user experiences?
  • Are the teams utilizing the latest features in Google Ads?
  • How many offline interactions does it take to create a conversion?
  • What percentage of the marketing budget can accurate metrics quantify?

9)Yvonne is a marketer at Voyair. Yvonne has been told that they should measure the same key performance indicators (KPIs) as the developers, designers, and leadership at Voyair.

How does measuring the same KPIs across teams help to create a more user-focused organization?

  • It guarantees more conversions.
  • It encourages feedback from users.
  • It prevents misalignment.
  • It unlocks additional features in Google Analytics.

10) A horse racing equipment business called SportsJockey feels like some of the pages on their website are weaker than others. The teams at SportsJockey understand that identifying these pages is crucial for conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Which of the following actions can help SportsJockey to identify which pages need the most attention with regards to CRO?

  • Checking the “Landing pages” section in Google Ads
  • Reviewing the website’s funnel or flow
  • Having a designer inspect the cosmetic side of the pages
  • Comparing other businesses’ websites against their own

11)Tia manages the Google Ads account for the business, RelicsComics. Tia focuses on improving the mobile conversion rate (mCvR) while everything else remains the same. What changes can RelicsComics expect to see in their Google Ads account if Tia is successful in increasing the mCvR?

  • Clicks and average order value decrease.
  • Conversions and revenue increase.
  • Clicks and revenue increase.
  • Clicks and average order value increase

12) Forrest is in the market for a barbecue grill. He did a Google search and clicked a link to an outdoor products site named

What must the site marketer for do to make a good first impression of the site on Forrest?

  • Display their most popular products on the home page
  • Display contact information
  • Provide a very welcoming experience for him
  • Display a video window of products in use

13) The project managers for are demonstrating to the marketing team the new features of the site that deliver personalized content to the user. When a user clicks on a web ad offering a 25% discount, it goes directly to a web page with information about the offer.

What method of user personalization does this describe?

  • It uses known user signals.
  • It uses Progressive Personalization.
  • It implements dynamic scripting.
  • It delivers a relevant landing page.

14)Dr. Hector Bellagio, marketing consultant for has ordered his marketing team to rescue the website.Online sales are at an all-time low, and he thinks it’s because the landing page is unfriendly. As the head marketer for, you must determine if he’s right or wrong.

What tool can you use to measure the effectiveness of your landing page?

  • Chrome DevTools
  • Google Web Vitals
  • Google Ads landing page report
  • Chrome UX Report

15) Autosity feels that they have room to improve their mobile conversion rate (mCvR). They’ve asked Karl to identify opportunities to improve this area.

Which of the following actions would help Karl to identify opportunities in improving Autosity’s mCvR?

  • Comparing the desktop conversion rate to mCvR
  • Reviewing search term reports in their Google Ads account
  • Accessing the desktop version of the site from different locations
  • Analyzing demographic reports for Autosity’s industry

16)Kathy has been the lead marketer for for the past 10 years. The web site is still using the same web application platform used to create it. Kathy thinks it’s time to update to a progressive web app (PWA).

What are two benefits of moving to a PWA platform? Select the best answers.

  • Accessible from phone’s home screen
  • Automatic certification in app stores
  • Less device battery drain
  • Fully supported by Android and iOS
  • Works on flaky connections

17) The marketing team at Shipza consistently acquire high click-through rates in their Google Ads account.

Why is it important that the marketing team also invest resources into Shipza’s mobile site and app experience?

  • Because it’ll help them to grow and organize their audience lists to a greater extent
  • Because it’ll help to further improve the click-through rate in their Google Ads account
  • Because there are still many complex interactions that a user has with a site or app after clicking on an ad
  • Because it’ll make sure users to leave positive reviews about Shipza

18) Waldo is the marketer for his company’s web site, The company sells water recreation products through the site. Several customers have commented that the site is difficult to use. Waldo thinks the site will be more successful if users enjoy the time they spend there.

To improve the user experience of the site, which two areas should Waldo focus on? Select the best answers.

  • Conversion
  • Analytics
  • Specialization
  • Optimization
  • Accessibility

19) Myrna is a marketer for Drop-off rates at the checkout page are trending high on the site. She has called you at the Google Help Center to help her with a solution.

You recommend Google Pay as a payment solution for which of the following two reasons? Select the best answers.

  • It supports co-branded cards, such as those by Citi.
  • It securely stores payment information.
  • It’s accepted by every bank that accepts Visa or Mastercard.
  • It offers rewards for new user referrals.
  • Completing checkout takes less than six clicks or taps.

20) The product managers and developers for have spent considerable effort to improve the performance of the website. Now they are trying to determine the best way to measure the performance of the site.

What is one factor they should consider in choosing performance metrics?

  •     Using cloud-based testing services to simulate the actual user experience
  •     Using real-world results instead of lab-testing results
  •     Ratio of total visitors per day to total hits per day
  •     Separating spider hits from cached and visitor hits

21) The Johnson Door Company has a website named, Last year, they released a mobile app available on both Android and iOS. They encourage users to use the app instead of the website because of its advanced capabilities. Currently, they advertise on YouTube and several other sites. When customers click on an ad, it takes them to instead of the app.

What web technology can open a product URL directly in a mobile app?

  • Two-Factor authentication
  • HTML5
  • Deep linking
  • Universal links

22) Barbara is the owner of ClubCup and is wondering what impact ClubCup’s mobile experience is having on revenue. Barbara understands that they can calculate the mobile conversion rate (mCvR).

ClubCup receives 200,000 clicks with a mCvR of 1%. The average order value is $200. How much revenue does ClubCup’s mobile experience create?

  • $400,000
  • $250,000
  • $300,000
  • $10,000

23)Jensen is the marketer for She’s done a comparative analysis of the site against competitor sites. She’s convinced that improving the speed and responsiveness of the site will increase its effectiveness and revenue contribution.

Which statistic should she use to convince the executive leadership of to make site speed a priority?

  • Average daily visitors
  • Click rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Average page views

24) Melanie is a marketer for the company GlobalVision. Melanie wants to help build a strong, more user-focused organization by getting the support of GlobalVision’s leadership.

Which of the following is a recommended action for Melanie to gain the support of leadership in this area?

  • Showing a summary breakdown of the Google Ads account
  • Showing a comparison of performance between the development and marketing teams
  • Showing benchmark data across the competition
  • Showing the performance statistics of the design team

25) Shelly has been learning how to find opportunities with conversion rate optimization (CRO). Shelly has been instructed to tell the team at Drivesy to use their Drivesy mobile site in real-world situations.

Why is it important for Drivesy to see how their mobile site works in real-world situations with regards to CRO?

  • To identify whether the mobile site attracts the attention of nearby people as they use it.
  • The mobile site’s speed and performance may vary depending on various factors.
  • The visuals of the mobile site may appear different in various lighting situations.
  • To see how it compares against mobile sites belonging to other businesses in the industry.

26) Cecila helps to optimize the mobile experience for GroveClove’s website and app. Cecila understands that, although mobile devices have constraints that desktops don’t have, they also present unique opportunities.

  • In what way does performance present an opportunity for mobile devices when it comes to marketing?
  • Marketers can expect users to keep up-to-date with the latest mobile device models.
  • Mobile devices increase in performance over time as they are used more frequently.
  • Marketers can rely on mobile device manufacturers and OS developers to keep mobile devices at top speed.
  • Building thoughtful, simpler interfaces can help improve speed and performance across all device types.

27) The business owners of Foodiest feel like their mobile website,, isn’t offering a fast and seamless experience to their users.

Which Google tool can Foodiest use to receive specific recommendations on how to improve

  • Test My Site
  • Gerrit
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Web Toolkit

28)You are designing a mobile web site for a company called, It’ll be the primary showcase of their hair care products. The website’s design must include access through mobile devices.

To make sure that customers have a good experience with the web site, what should be the primary marketing goal?

  • To show a price comparison with competitor sites
  • To track the products the customer views and the time spent on the site
  • That site users leave positive reviews about products on the site
  • That the mobile experience should resemble a good conversation

29)Aliyah is the marketer for Arctic Sales Company. She’s the project lead for a new smartphone app that will help customers order products more easily. Thanks to Google’s advice, their dev team has incorporated many features to boost conversion numbers. Before going live, the team would like to see just how effective the personalization features are.

Which Google service allows them to test the app’s UI and features?

  • Firebase A/B Testing
  • Optimize 360
  • Web Vitals
  • SplitMetrics

30)The business, Monitoro, has an effective team comprised of an analyst, C-level, designer, developer, and marketer. Regardless of their job title or function, their work all has something in common.

What do these members of Monitoro share in common?

  • They all work directly with the Google Ads interface.
  • All of their business roles connect to the end user.
  • They’re all primarily focused on driving traffic.
  • Their primary goal is to grow social engagement.

31), a local plumbing contractor, has contracted Jade to be their marketer. Thus far, their website has been an informational site full of static pages. Jade is upgrading the site to include online ordering with a PCI compliant checkout process. She’s recommended the usual Visa/Mastercard checkout options, though she dislikes the time it takes for a customer to checkout that way.

Which payment option allows customers to checkout using a Visa card stored in their Gmail account?

  • Venmo
  • Square Wallet
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

32)David has prioritized a list of things to test for their business, MintBotics. The goal is to improve the user experience while letting the user accomplish what they want on MintBotics’s site.

Which of the following is a testing tool that David can use for MintBotics’s site?

  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Google Optimize
  • Flutter
  • Firebase A/B Testing

33)You’re a marketing manager for your company’s website,, an online seller of books about American History. Google Analytics has shown that the exit rate on the checkout page is high. In a meeting with the developer team, you explained that this means the user experience is good up to the checkout page. Then, making the purchase becomes too too difficult for most users. You’ve recommended that they implement a one-click-to-buy option that uses information stored in the users account.

Which type of user personalization is this known as?

  • Static profile matching
  • Using given information
  • Delivering a relevant web page
  • Using known user signals

34) is an online site for heavy industrial machinery. Revenue last quarter was disappointing. As the lead marketer for the site, it’s your job to determine the cause and solve the problem. Google Analytics reports seem to indicate that friction on the checkout page is high. Apparently, something about the checkout experience is turning customers away.

Which Google feature can make checkout easier by using information stored in the user’s Google account?

  • Real-time order counter
  • One Tap sign-up
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Google Shopping Cart

35)Gerald is the product manager for, a website for comedians. Earlier this year, many comments from site feedback complained about poor responsiveness. Working with the site marketing and development teams, Gerald created a plan where the site responsiveness metrics couldn’t fall below a certain level.

Which plan type is Gerald’s plan?

  • A performance budget
  • A speed threshold
  • A performance plan
  • A speed plan

36)Vincent recently attended a convention where great emphasis was placed on the topic of conversion rate optimization (CRO). Vincent feels like CRO would take their business, ShieldBear, to the next level.

Why is CRO important?

  • It gives businesses an accurate projection of what to expect from the industry and its users in the future.
  • It’s an entirely automated feature, allowing business owners and teams to focus on other areas of the business.
  • It takes the goal of delivering a great user experience and turns it into an operational strategy for the business.
  • It provides invaluable insights into what other businesses are focusing on in the same industry.

37)Tami is the marketer for A customer survey reports that the checkout process is too lengthy..Tami believes the reason is that the checkout process requires users to fill out all shipping, billing, and credit card information on each purchase.

Which Google solution can help make checkout much faster for

  • Progressive web apps
  • Google Apps
  • Google App Engine
  • One Tap sign-up

38)Rachelle is new to conversion rate optimization but is eager to get started.

Which of the following steps should be her first priority?

  • Using data and user feedback to identify areas of opportunity
  • Speaking to the developer team about implementing changes
  • Implementing an A/B test on the homepage
  • Creating a hypothesis to test based on her preferences

39)Eva has been researching what makes a user-focused organization a successful one. During this research, Eva has come to realize that everyone plays a part in optimizing the user experience on an ongoing basis.

What is the data scientist’s part in optimizing the user experience on an ongoing basis?

  • Building the test environments and implementing changes that were successful in testing
  • Aligning with developers to create options for testing site and app improvements
  • Implementing tracking for measurable outcomes and share data across teams
  • Supporting and encouraging testing and enabling budgets to allow for it

40)Ruth is a marketer at GraphicMagic, a user-focused organization. Ruth has been given advice to establish a relationship with the development team at GraphicMagic.

Why is it important for a user-focused organization such as GraphicMagic, for marketers to establish relationships with developers?

  • To understand the constraints that limits developers when they’re building a site or app
  • To build morale within the organization and, in turn, promote a supportive work environment
  • To encourage developers to implement marketing related changes quicker than usual
  • To gain assistance from the developers when it comes to creating content on Google Ads

41)Liam is the marketer for the web site, Liam thinks the slowness of the site discourages users from browsing the site. But he’s unsure how to demonstrate and prove this to the developer team and executive leadership.

What’s a tool Liam can use to test, analyze, and report recommendations to improve the performance of the site?

  • Visual Studio
  • Squarespace
  • Wireshark
  • Test My Site

42)The marketer for your company’s website expresses concern that the website isn’t creating enough revenue to justify it. The effectiveness of the landing page is under question. You’re tasked with analyzing the percentage of people who don’t click any links on the landing page.

What’s the name of the metric that you should look for?

  • Bounce rate
  • Pages per session
  • Average time on page
  • Scroll depth

43)Noel is responsible for leading the testing at SweetFizz. Noel has been using a testing platform for SweetFizz’s site.

Why should SweetFizz integrate their testing platform with their site analytics?

  • To automatically forward relevant data to the Google Ads account
  • To give all teams at SweetFizz easier access to the test results
  • To quickly and easily identify problem areas
  • To allow site users to see results of the tests

44)Judy is in the process of conducting conversion rate optimization (CRO) for their business, Stovesy. Judy understands that the first step in the CRO process is to identify opportunities on Stovesy’s site and app. Carrying out quantitative and qualitative research achieves this outcome.

Which of the following insights are part of quantitative research when it comes to CRO?

  • Competitive insights
  • Brand insights
  • User insights
  • Data insights

45)Conversions, Inc. is a business focused on improving their conversion rate optimization. Tasked with deciding which projects within Conversions, Inc. are worth testing, Erika is using the PIE framework to help make that decision.

Which of the following questions would fit in with the PIE framework criteria?

  • Why is one Google Ads campaign performing better than another campaign?
  • Why is the majority of traffic to the site coming from mobile devices?
  • Can the click-through rate be further improved for this ad?
  • How much improvement can be made on this page?

46)Evan has been working on improving the mobile experience for CookingGenius. The owner of CookingGenius is interested in quantifying the impact that Evan’s work has had. Evan knows that one way of doing this is to calculate the relative mobile conversion rate (rel mCvR).

How can Evan calculate rel mCvR for CookingGenius?

  • By multiplying the mobile conversion rate by the desktop conversion rate
  • By dividing the mobile conversion rate by the desktop conversion rate
  • By multiplying the desktop conversion rate by the mobile conversion rate
  • By dividing the desktop conversion rate by the mobile conversion rate

47)Sandeep has been the marketer and site manager for for the past 12 years. He and the developer team have spent much effort improving the user enjoyment of the site. Recently, performance metrics are showing the speed of the site has regressed significantly over time.

Which long-term maintenance program can help by limiting certain metrics that affect performance?

  • Performance budget
  • Independent testing program
  • Long-term performance audit
  • Performance maintenance team

48)Sadie is shopping for her mother’s birthday present. She loves to bake delicious desserts. Sadie uses her mobile phone to ask for the nearest kitchen supply store. Her phone opens up the map application with directions to a nearby location only seven minutes away.

This is an example of what kind of personalized user experience?

  • Using known user signals
  • Using machine learning
  • Using given information
  • Delivering a relevant landing page

49)As the marketer for, the user experience for the site is Harper’s responsibility. She enjoys creating rich, impressive content that creates a welcoming environment for users. But the slow performance of the site frustrates her.

What’s a factor that’s likely slowing down the performance of the website?

  • Videos
  • Coding errors
  • Localization
  • HTML

50)Gertie is the marketer for a client’s website, Her customer has hired her to increase sales revenue through the site. She wants to start by improving the landing page experience.

What are two landing page elements Gertie should focus on? Select the best answers.

  • Navigation
  • Simple design
  • Turnaround time
  • Intuitiveness
  • Clear value proposition



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