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Goldman Sachs Engineering Virtual Program |Insidesherpa Virtual Internships

This Virtual Experience Program is free for students.This program is self-paced. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete this Virtual Experience Program.Get practical skills and experience from Goldman Sachs

Why join this Virtual Experience Program?

At Goldman Sachs, we believe who you are makes you better at what you do. For us, it’s all about bringing together people who are curious, collaborative and have the drive to make things possible for our clients and communities.

Our Engineering organization, comprised of our Engineering Division, global strategist groups, and Engineering teams within other divisions, build solutions to some of the most complex problems in the industry.

From automated trading to managing data, risk analysis to safeguarding information and promoting environmental sustainability, our commitment to best-in-class technology provides Goldman Sachs with a competitive edge.

What will you do in this Engineering Virtual Program?

You will be provided one task on Crack leaked password database.Here are the steps to complete this internship:

Step 1: Get Your instructions from the superior.

Step 2: Background Information on task :

As a governance analyst it is part of your duties to assess the level of protection offered by implemented controls and minimize the probability of a successful breach. To be successful at your job you often need to know the techniques used by hackers to circumvent implemented controls and propose uplifts to increase the overall level of security in an organization. Gaining valid credentials gives the attackers access to the organization’s IT system, thus circumventing most of perimeter controls in place.

Step 3: Task :

Your job is to crack as many passwords as possible with available tools (e.g. use Hashcat). Here are your Task instructions:

  • Review the links provided in the additional resources (section 4) below to gain a background understanding of password cracking
  • Try to crack the passwords provided in the ‘password dump’ file below using available tools
  • Assess the 5 questions in the task instructions below in relation to the passwords provided (type of hashing algorithm, level of protection, possible controls that could be implemented, password policy, changes in policy)
  • Draft an email/memo briefly explaining your findings in relation to controls used by the organization and your proposed uplifts. We recommend spending about 1.5 hours on this task and keeping it at 1 page in length. 

Your answer should be provided in the form of a draft email/memo explaining your findings and conclusions of controls currently used by an organization to prevent successful cracking of passwords and potential uplifts that you would propose to existing controls with justifications.

Step 4: Once you are completed with the task you need to submit your work.

Here is the certificate you will recieve after completing this intersnship.

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