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Geeks for Geeks 15+ Free Courses | Geeks for Geeks Free Certificate

Geeks for Geeks is Offering 15 + Free Courses with Certificate absolutely Free of Cost . The Courses include subjects Like Python , DSA , Front End , HTML and many more . Here is the list of all the courses and for whom they are best suited for :

  • HTML Workshop : HTML Workshop for Beginners | HTML WorkshopThis is a beginner HTML Workshop covering the basics of HTML in an innovative way.Best Suited for – Beginners
  • Get Ahead with Front-end Development : Interview preparation course | FDPSThis course focuses on Frontend Development and problem solving based on interviews.Best Suited for – Beginners, Experienced
  • Core Java and Collections : Course on Core Java and Collections | CJ&CLearn from scratch about Core Java and Collections!Best Suited for – Students, Working Professionals
  • Computer Science for Class 5 : Computer Science course on class 5 | CS-5Come and learn Computer Science according to the CBSE Syllabus where your child will be able to create a strong foundation.Best Suited for – Class 5
  • 30 Days of Code : 30 Days. 30 Challenges. Ready? | 30 Days of CodeAttempt one coding question every day for 30 days and master your data structure and algorithm skills !Best Suited for – Students
  • Getting Started with Python : Python for Kids | PW-1A Free limited-time workshop to introduce your child to Python so they could climb the skills set ladder with ease.Best Suited for – Kids
  • C++ Productivity Hacks : Accelerate Your C++ Skills | C++ Productivity HacksA handy course for C++ developers to upgrade their skill set by learning lesser known C++ Hacks!Best Suited for – Beginner-Intermediate-Advance
  • Python Facts for C++/Java Developers : Get Better At Python | Python FactsTime to leave old school methods behind and accelerate your C++ skills!Best Suited for – Students, Professionals
  • 11 Weeks Workshop on Data Structures and Algorithms : A Comprehensive DSA Workshop | DSA WorkshopLearn Data Structures and Algorithms in-depth in just 11 weeks with this interactive live workshop!Best Suited for – Students, Professionals
  • Must Do Interview Preparation : | Must Do-Interview PreparationA free course with frequently asked coding questions which will help you practice for interview in top product-based companiesBest Suited for – Candidates preparing for SDE interview
  • Fundamentals of Programming with C : | C ProgrammingFree course for the first year AKTU students who wish to learn Programming in C language from basics.Best Suited for – First year students of AKTU
  • Fork Python : | Fork-PythonSpecially designed free Python course for beginners which strengthens your base in the language from scratch.Best Suited for – Beginners in Python
  • Fork Java : | Fork JavaSpecially designed free Java course for beginners which strengthens your base in the language from scratch.Best Suited for – Beginners in Java
  • Fork CPP : | Fork CPPA free course on cppBest Suited for – Students, Working Professionals


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