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CS401 Operating System Exam Quiz Answers

Answer: IOCS

Answer: The maximum size of an individual process

Answer: Instruction cycle

Answer: The ability of an operating system to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

Answer: Shared memory

Answer: Synchronization constraints

Answer: It runs until it terminates or willingly gives up control.

Answer: First Come First Served

Answer: Shortest Job Last

Answer: How to allocate memory to processes and reallocate it when it is no longer needed

Answer: Fragments

Answer: Relocation

Answer: Named files

Answer: Page table

Answer: File allocation table

Answer: Role-based access control

Answer: Packets

Answer: 7

Answer: Multicast

Answer: 4

Answer: The operating system is missing.

Answer: Processes are independent, while threads are part of the same process and cooperate closely.

Answer: Allowing each process to have multiple simulated memories

Answer: 204

Answer: The Banker’s Algorithm allocates resources dynamically to prevent deadlock.

Answer: 4 billion 32-bit address ranges

Answer: Ready threads

Answer: Unit of execution which belongs to a process

Answer: A running thread is stuck in a loop.

Answer: Exclusive control of one computer component.

Answer: Critical section

Answer: Writers must have exclusive access to the critical section.

Answer: Monitor

Answer: Implicit, explicit

Answer: CPU burst

Answer: When a process is deadlocked.

Answer: A deadlock condition

Answer: Process P1 is waiting on resource R1, which has been allocated to process P2. Process P2 is waiting for resource R3, which is currently allocated to process P1. Thus, there is a circular wait condition.

Answer: Allocates resources up to the maximum for each process

Answer: It finds the first free space that can accommodate the request.

Answer: Parallel access

Answer: Loss of physical and infrastructure support

Answer: Protocol

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