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Code4 GOVTECH Internships 2024 | AICTE Internships

About COde 4 GOVTECH :

Launched in 2022, C4GT is a one-of-its-kind initiative that aims to build a community of communities around Digital Public Goods (DPG), Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) & Tech for Good products. Through various efforts, it aims to encourage ongoing contributions and strengthen collaboration between DPG/DPI builders, adopters, and contributors (students or working professionals). The initiative works towards facilitating long-term collaboration and innovation within the fast evolving DPGs/DPI & Tech for Good ecosystem, enhancing the efficiency and quality of contributions, and aligning the incentives for both organizations and contributors.

There are tons of opportunities listed BY Code4 GOVTECH in AICTE internship portal and here are the details from one of them :

This project will build a notification system for Dalgo  Although this ticket is part of the DDP backend repo the selected contributor will work on the frontend webapp repo as well and possibly on the prefect proxy repo if required


 1.An interface for a Dalgo admin to post a notification to a user or to a set of users

 2.Support for multiple notification channels

 3.Email should be one channel

 4.Discord should be one channel

 5.Users should be able to choose their preferred channel

 6.Users should be able to turn off notifications to all channels

 7.Notifications should appear in the React frontend

 8.Indicator for unread notifications for a user in the frontend

 9.Urgent notifications should appear as a horizontal bar in the frontend eg for System is going down in 10 minutes type of messages

Expected Outcome

In the backend

1.a Python interface to create new notifications fetch unread notifications for a user fetch the notification history and more API to create new notifications this API will be invoked by the dalgo admin tool

3.a pubsub model in which handlers for the various notification channels can subscribe and receive new notifications to be sent out

4.handlers for Email and Discord to start off with

In the frontend

1.Notifications in the toolbar eg a bell icon showing number of unread

2.User should be able to view their unread notifications by clicking on the icon

3.A notification bar for urgent notifications possibly with a red background or something similarly eyecatching

4.A UX where a user can set and manage their notification preferences

Acceptance Criteria

 1.Textonly notifications are acceptable but extra points for rich text html markdown

 2.Admin should be able to send notifications to individual users

 3.Admin should be able to send notifications to a set of users including all users

 4.Admin should be able to send urgent notifications

 5.Users should receive or not receive channel notifications based on their preferences

 6.Users should see notifications in the frontend as described above

 7.Notification history should be stored in the database

Tech Skills Needed

  • Python
  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • NextJS


1.Lucrative stipend of INR 1 lakh over a period of 3 months. 2.Dedicated 11 mentorship by industry experts. 3. Handson experience to hone your skills 4. Access to bootcamps and expert sessions. 5.Potential job extended internship opportunities. 6.Opportunity to network with global opensource tech leaders.

Who can apply?

Only those candidates can apply who:

  1. are from Any,
  2. and specialisation from Any,
  3. are available for duration of 3 Months
  4. have relevant skills and interests

Terms of Engagement

  • 50000 received on completion of midpoint milestone as decided with mentor.
  • 50000 received on completion of final milestone as decided with mentor.
  • Certificate of completion received on successful completion of internship.


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