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CISCO Introduction to IoT Chapter 2 Quiz Answers

Q1)How is a new variable created in Blockly?

Group of answer choices

  • Determine the type of variable needed, then scroll to the appropriate place in the code to insert the variable.
  • Declare the variable in a Dim statement.
  • Drag the variable block onto the work space area.
  • Use the assignment operator

 Q2)What is used to illustrate how a given process will run?

Group of answer choices

  • flow chart
  • Packet Tracer
  • pie chart
  • graph

 Q3)What are two resources that could help someone learn to program? (Choose two.)

Group of answer choices

  • Kickstarter
  • Khan Academy
  • Maker Media
  • Code Academy
  • Quirky

 Q4)What is displayed after the following code is entered into a Python interpreter?

addition = 22 +10


Group of answer choices

  • (syntaxerror)-…as there should not be a space between the numerical values
  • 32
  • nothing ( because the print command is wrong)
  • [22]+[10]

Q5)What is the output when the following code is entered into a Python program interpreter?

[1,2,4,5] + [3,6]

Group of answer choices

  • [12]+[9]
  • [1,2,4,5,3,6]
  • [1,2,3,4,5,6]
  • [21]

Q6)What is Blockly?

Group of answer choices

  • a programming tool for beginners
  • a network simulation program
  • a non-profit educational website
  • a low-cost credit-card-sized computer

 Q7)Which platform is a low cost, credit-card-sized computer?

Group of answer choices

  • Arduino
  • PL-App
  • Blockly
  • Raspberry Pi

 Q8)A student has a digitized version of an idea for a product. What machine can the student use to turn the idea into a solid object?

Group of answer choices

  • Packet Tracer
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Beaglebone​
  • Arduino​
  • 3D printer


Refer to the exhibit. What does the exhibited flow chart symbol commonly represent?

Group of answer choices

  • data
  • decision
  • termination
  • Connector

 Q10)What is one way to pay for prototyping?

Group of answer choices

  • easy pay
  • crowd funding
  • incorporate
  • mortgage

 Q11)What output is expected when the function that is shown below is entered in a Python program interpreter?

>>>print Cisco 1

Group of answer choices

  • Cisco1
  • Cisco 1
  • “SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to ‘print'”
  • cisco 1

Q12)Which Python programming function is used to display output?

Group of answer choices

  • for
  • print
  • while
  • if

 Q13)Which output would be displayed if the code that is shown below is entered in a Python interpreter?

y = [‘yellow’, ‘red’, ‘green’, ‘purple’, ‘white’]

print y

Group of answer choices

  • ‘yellow’, ‘red’, ‘green’, ‘purple’, ‘white’
  • yellow, red, green, purple, white
  • y
  • It shows “SyntaxError”


Refer to the exhibit. What does the exhibited flow chart symbol represent?

Group of answer choices

  • data
  • display
  • preparation
  • process


Refer to the exhibit. A specific Blockly block has a slot on the top. What is the purpose of this slot?

Group of answer choices

  • This block is the topmost block.
  • A block with a printer name is required to be attached above the block shown.
  • The block is a variable.
  • The slot allows a block with a bevel tab on the bottom to be connected above the block shown.

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