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Cisco – Introduction to CyberSecurity Final Exam Answer 2023 Updated

Cisco – Introduction to CyberSecurity Final Exam Answer 2023 Updated

  • It is a framework for security policy development.
  • It is a standard-based model for developing firewall technologies to fight against cybercriminals.
  • It is a standard-based model for developing firewall technologies to fight against cybercriminals.
  • It is an ongoing effort to protect Internet-connected systems and the data associated with those systems from unauthorized use or harm.
  • Data is available all the time.
  • Data is unaltered during transit.
  • Access to the data is authenticated.
  • Data is not changed by unauthorized entities.
  • Data is encrypted while in transit and when stored on disks.
  • integrity
  • scalability
  • availability
  • confidentiality
  • integrity
  • scalability
  • availability
  • confidentiality
  • true
  • false
  • to protect cloud-based data centers
  • to gain advantage over adversaries
  • to develop advanced network devices
  • to simulate possible war scenarios among nations
  • A virus focuses on gaining privileged access to a device, whereas a worm does not.
  • A virus can be used to deliver advertisements without user consent, whereas a worm cannot.
  • A virus replicates itself by attaching to another file, whereas a worm can replicate itself independently.
  • A virus can be used to launch a DoS attack (but not a DDoS), but a worm can be used to launch both DoS and DDoS attacks.
  • Trojan horse
  • DDoS
  • SEO poisoning
  • spear phishing
  • adware
  • DDoS
  • phishing
  • social engineering
  • spyware
  • Install a software firewall on every network device.
  • Place all IoT devices that have access to the Internet on an isolated network.
  • Disconnect all IoT devices from the Internet.
  • Set the security settings of workstation web browsers to a higher level.
  • Install the latest operating system updates.
  • Install the latest web browser updates.
  • Install the latest antivirus updates.
  • Install software only from trusted websites.
  • voice recognition
  • fob
  • phone
  • fingerprint
  • credit card
  • password manager
  • Open Authorization
  • in-private browsing mode
  • VPN service
  • patient records
  • first and last name
  • contact information
  • next appointment
  • intrusion detection system
  • Honeypot
  • NetFlow
  • Nmap
  • a reverse proxy server
  • detection and identification of open ports
  • protection of the private IP addresses of internal hosts
  • identification of specific network anomalies
  • collection and analysis of security alerts and logs
  • delivery
  • exploitation
  • weaponization
  • reconnaissance
  • a group of botnets
  • a planned process of cyberattack
  • a series of worms based on the same core code
  • a combination of virus, worm, and Trojan Horse
  • Netflow
  • IDS
  • Nmap
  • honeypot
  • to design polymorphic malware
  • to design next generation routers and switches that are less prone to cyberattacks
  • to provide standards for new encryption techniques
  • to ensure company, system, and data preservation
  • block or deny all traffic
  • drop only packets identified as malicious
  • create a network alert and log the detection
  • reroute malicious traffic to a honeypot

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