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Best Data Science Training Course in Jalandhar – Itronix Solutions

Data Science Course in Jalandhar - Itronix Solutions

Best Data Science Training Course in Jalandhar – Itronix Solutions

Learn how to apply your knowledge by taking live lectures from professionals in the field, watching asynchronous videos, participating in integrated hands-on labs, and attending workshops from Er Karan Arora, Founder & CEO of Itronix Solutions.

Without a doubt, data science has showed young people how to develop a successful career. Growing businesses benefit from it because they don’t have to deal with the daily deluge of data. Data scientists must be skilled at their jobs since they work with a lot of data. Numerous organisations and online learning platforms offer a variety of data science courses. You may improve your current standing in the field of data science by taking Itronix Solutions Data Science course in jalandhar

Here is an article that discusses the top data science courses in Jalandhar if you are unsure about whether data science is the best option for you.

Best Data Science Training Course in Jalandhar - Itronix Solutions

Ranked #1 Data Science Course in Jalandar with Certifications.

👉Classroom Batch
👉50,000+ Professionals Certified
👉90+ Learning Hours
👉10 Capstone & 1 Client Project
👉Internships + Job Assistance
👉IBM Certification

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Best Data Science Training Course in Jalandhar - Itronix Solutions

Course Curriculum Advanced Artificial Intelligence Course in Jalandhar

Module 1: Python Programming
Module 2: Database MySQL
Module 3: Data Science Project Lifecycle
Module 4: Introduction To Basic Statistics Using Python
Module 5: Probability And Hypothesis Testing
Module 6: Exploratory Data Analysis
Module 7: Data Cleaning
Module 8: Data Analytics
Module 9: Business Intelligence
Module 10: Data Analysis using Numpy and Pandas
Module 11: Machine Learning (Supervised and Unsupervised)
Module 12: Regression Algorithms
Module 13: Simple Linear Regression
Module 14: Multi Linear Regression
Module 15: Support Vector Regression
Module 16: Decision Tree Regression
Module 17: Random Forest Regression
Module 18: Classification Algorithms
Module 19: Logistic Regression
Module 20: K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)
Module 21: Naive Bayes Classifier
Module 22: Support Vector Classification
Module 23: Decision Tree Classification
Module 24: Random Forest Classification
Module 25: Data Mining Unsupervised Clustering
Module 26: K-Means Clustering
Module 27: Hierarchical Clustering
Module 28: Association Rules
Module 29: Recommender System
Module 30: Deployment
Module 31: Dimension Reduction Techniques
Module 32: Feature Engineering
Module 33: Model Validation Methods
Module 34: Ensembled Techniques
Module 35: Regularization Techniques
Module 36: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Module 37: Deep Neural Networks Algorithms
Module 38: Artificial Neural Network
Module 39: Convolution Neural Network
Module 40: Recurrent Neural Network
Module 41: Text Mining
Module 42: Natural Language Processing
Module 43: Survival Analysis
Module 44: Predictive Modelling
Module 45: Data Mining & Analysis
Module 46: Data Blending & Manipulation
Module 47: End To End Project Description With Deployment Assignments/Projects/Placement Support
Module 48: Assignments
Module 49: Projects
Module 50: Resume Prep And Interview Support Value added courses

The Itronix Solutions Data Science course curriculum has been painstakingly created from the fundamentals to the more complex topics to guarantee that even those new to data science can readily grasp the ideas. Periodically, we adjust the course content to reflect the shifting demands of the sector.

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